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My experience in the mental health field includes working in various in-patient psychiatric facilities for the past seventeen years. During my long tenure of working with people in crisis, I asked the same question over and over to literally thousands of patients. I asked, "If you would have been honest and shared with your family/friends what was really going on in your mind/experience/emotions, would you have ended up in an inpatient psychiatric facility?" After years of hearing the exact same answer,- "no," I finally decided to move on to work in the outpatient world, and offer individuals, couples and families a safe avenue to explore their relationships in a meaningful and growth oriented way.
Therapuetic Approach 

Blending my training in marriage and family therapy with art therapy, I offer clients a dynamic experience of exploring emotions, enhancing relationships and just getting ahold of the "stuff" that might be holding people back from living at their fullest potential. As we learn more about the brain, and how our brains and bodies store trauma and negative experiences from the past, processing and healing from negative experience is best approached in an experiential way. I am also EMDR trained.

Systems Thinking 

Another important factor that the field of neuroscience has brought to the mental health field is brain imaging that reveals that humans are truly wired to be together. So many of the problems that individuals are labeled or diagnosed with having, are really the result of troubled relationships either in one's biological family or current system. Marriage and family therapists suspected this all along, but having studies to prove it makes the field even more perfect for our highly interconnected world. As a therapist trained to observe the world through systems thinking, it is impossible to just explore an individual's issues without considering the context from which they came or with whom they are currently living.

My Background 

My background includes: a master's degree in marriage and family therapy from Friends University, a master's degree in art therapy from the University of Illinois at Chicago, training in mediation with approval from the Supreme Court of Kansas to mediate in Johnson County, and an undergraduate degree in international relations and conflict resolution from The American University in Washington, D. C.

Is Therapy Right for Me? 

So you might be asking yourself, "Is therapy right for me? How do I know what type of therapy I need?" The only way to find out is to take the risk and try contacting one of the therapists listed here or elsewhere. Chances are high that the time between when you make the phone call, until you come in for a first appointment, you will already start to make positive changes.


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