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Sherry Stolp, MA, LPC   has been working with her husband, Rick Stolp, Ph.D., for over 20 years leading the IMAGO Getting the Love You Want workshops.  Over 100 workshops later, she is still energized by helping couples learn the tools and develop the skills to help them negotiate the power struggle, heal old hurts, put their relationship at the center of their lives and commit to a new conscious, loving, and passionate coupleship.  She is a Certified Imago Educator, a Certified Imago Workshop Presenter and has maintained a private practice as a couple's coach since 2008. As an Imago coach, Sherry can help you uncover the past hurts that continue to influence your life today.  You survived these hurts by adopting certain defenses.  While these defenses may have saved you from pain years ago, they are now limiting your life and actually causing you pain.  Sherry's desire is to help you grow beyond your hurts and defenses, allowing you to be freer, have more options, and really enjoy your life.  

Sherry has a passion for helping couples navigate the problems and power struggles inherent to all close relationships. Sherry has said that she wants to change the world and feels that the best way to accomplish this is to save JUST ONE CHILD from the pain of watching his or her world fall apart as they endure their parent’s separation and divorce. Just one child experiencing, instead, the parental model of dialogical problem solving and the safety and intentionality present in a conscious, committed coupleship will change the life of that child, and potentially, the world.  

Because of her commitment to children, and especially her commitment to her own children, Sherry waited until Richard, 23, and Deanna, 21, were in the last couple of years of high school before going back to graduate school herself.  Sherry received her Master's in Professional Counseling in 2009 and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. 

Sherry considers her personal style warm and down to earth.  She continues, " clients tell me that I am easy to talk to and that they feel understood.  I see myself as friendly but serious about our therapeutic partnership and highly passionate regarding your emotional welfare.  While our work focuses on your psychological well-being, I do consider the holistic contribution of physical, spiritual and social factors.  My professional strengths are the result of a master’s degree in professional counseling, intensive training in Imago Relationship Therapy, personal therapy, and 20 years of professional experience as a Getting the Love You Want workshop leader, couples coach, and educator. Intuition that is very well informed guides my therapeutic approach within a psychodynamic foundation. I am here to help.”

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