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Hamlet- The time is out of joint: O cursed spirit, That ever I was born to set it right! Nay, come , let's go together.

There is a fun side to depression! Going back as far as Merry Old England to the time of William
Shakespeare, the element of travesty pervaded the fulfillment of the dramatic climax. As often as we can, we are to view most human encounters as anti-climactic, while artistic creation tends to be most uplifting and dramatic. Most of our personal experiences need to have more meaning,as well as be more rewarding. Music, especially, can satisfy this need for meaning.
Since most of our work is with geriatric dementias, our therapies have to be rewarding as well as meaningful. When I was a Counseling trainee at Swarthmore College under the mentorship of the Freudian Ed Knopf, my 'inner child' matured while my Daddy went through his '2nd childhood'. The more we fantasised together about "sugar plum fairies", the more my Daddy loved " children's songs".
The Nutcracker Suite alongside 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm' sent ripples of approval through the dreariest of nursing homes in the Tri-State region where we practiced and learned.
While our training on Rogerian analysis involved years of training in 'self actualization' with Dr. Knoph, the treatment tended to be lengthy and somewhat tedious. A good client:therapist relationship doesn't happen overnight! It can take several years to develop.
Many individuals quit long before the long-awaited growth spurt occurs. In order for you to profit from these counselling sessions , you need to read up on COGNITIVE THERAPY: the rational- emotive approach. You would need to become amenable to changes in your thinking using the techniques of the Philadelphia School proponents Aaron Beck, David Burns and Albert Ellis.
The only contraindication to the treatment is its reliance on recall of sometimes painful events. The resulting catharsis ,especially with the aid of Creative Expression , demands great understanding and

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