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Sometimes there are obstacles that get in the way and one can find it hard to move pass those obstacles. Some of those obstacles could be depression, anxiety, daily life challenges and marital conflicts. I commend you on taking the first step to seeking therapy, this already shows one strength in you. My mission is to provide a warm inviting atmosphere that will enable you to find your strengths, create effective goals leading to successful interventions for you and or your family.
As your therapist I will encourage, challenge and motivate you so that you may be empowered for growth and making positive changes. I believe that each person is in charge of the paths in their lives. Therefore I believe in working from a client centered approach which gives you the lead. I believe that therapy is best from a supportive and collaborative therapeutic relationship.

We will work together to uncover challenges that are preventing you from living a meaningful life, work on solutions for moving forward and help you gain insight into your situation so that you may understand and learn healthy ways of coping. I am dedicated to assisting you on your path to positive change, healing, growth and empowerment.

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