Stacey Chernin, M.A., Psy.D., LMFT, MHC, CFT

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I am a mental health practitioner that is
licensed as a Marriage Counselor, and Licensed Family Therapist, and a Mental Health Counselor, a Certified Family Therapist, and a Human Services Board Certified Practitioner. I graduated
from the New School of Social Research with my specialty in Psychology and currently a Psy.D. in clinical psychology, with a private practice in which couples, marriage, and family counseling services are provided at office locations in Nassau county in Roslyn Long Island,and Suffolk County in West Islip Long Island, New York.My focus of practice is based on working with
couples, families, and individuals to improve their relationships, by addressing issues and to gain insight and essential knowledge that will impact them in the most positive ways. Through extensive experience and
my strong academic and clinical background I utilize my knowledge and professionalism with understanding and open compassion to guide each
individual client by evaluating their goals, and encouraging them to
participate in the treatment, and encouraging them to achieve the best possible
outcome.I encourage active participation in my
therapy/counseling sessions and tailor-fit my client’s treatments accordingly to
accommodate their needs and help them to find viable solutions for which they
pursue. I like to focus on an individual’s strengths as the very foundation
from which they will prosper emotionally and mentally and grow from their
through their personal triumphs, issues, and relationships to attain whatever
it is that they wish to accomplish and achieve through therapy.The overall goal of my practice
is to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals, couples, and
families that are experiencing major issues to learn the necessary skills that
will ultimately enable them to be better fulfilled in their life and
relationships. The practice setting a long with our unique counseling and
therapy services encourage any individual or (group of individuals) to utilize
and develop the resources necessary to pursue and acquire their best potential
of happiness, acceptance, growth, and well-being. In addition, I aim to provide a
number of therapy approaches that are unique that allow my clients
to gain deeper insights, broader perspectives, enables them to reconnect with
themselves, and that significantly provides the tools required to transform their
lives for the better. I accomplish this by utilizing and implementing
all-natural techniques, forming a trusting therapist/client bond, and overall
increasing their self-confidence, compassion, and sense of clarity. The changes
that you experience as a result of your collaboration and mine can have
dramatic long-term effects on the status of your personal well-being as well as
the health and quality of your relationships. If you are looking for guidance
and support through any life challenge or situation, and want to have a more
full-filled life, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

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