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Stacey is committed to providing individualized treatment as each person and their needs are different. Clients come to me looking for a counselor who understands them and their current struggles because therapy should be a place where you feel safe and can still have fun. Sessions with me are more than just talking about the bad as it is also important to talk about the good. We always go at your pace, never pushing you to a place you do not feel ready to be.


·         Individual sessions

·         Group sessions

·         Anxiety

·         Stress

·         Life balance

·         Coping skills

·         Learning your triggers (people, places, and things)


·         Discovering underlying reasons for substance use

·         Overcoming anxiety

·         Lowering stress

·         Finding your life balance

·         Learning new coping skills

·         Relapse prevention


·         Individual Counseling: This is where we will work through individual issues that might not be appropriate or you do not want to share during a group session. 

·         Group Counseling: This is where you will have peer support from individuals that are having similar struggles. This is a safe place where you can gain insight into how to make changes or talk through some of your struggles.

·         Patient-Centered Therapy: This approach means that you decide what you want to work on and at a pace that you are comfortable with. Think of it as you are driving the car and I am in the passenger seat to help keep you on the road. 

·         Family Therapy: There are times when your family will also need education in order to help you become the best person that you can be. These sessions are rare, but they are needed at times.

·         Coordination of Care: There are times when there is DHS, PO, or court involvement. I will communicate with them, with your approval, to provide the best care possible.


·         $150 per 50-minute individual & family session; weekly to bi-weekly

·         $130 per 60-minute group session; weekly

·         Claims will be submitted to your insurance company (if applicable)

·         Patient will be billed for any amount that is not covered by insurance. If there are any amounts not covered by insurance, a bill will be provided monthly so that payments can be made.


·         Virtual Office, Iowa

·         319-429-7646



·         Master’s Degree in Psychology from University of the Rockies

·         Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC)

·         Licensed with Iowa Department of Public Health

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