Stacey Neumin, Dip.C.S., C.Psych.Assoc.

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I completed an Honours B.A. in Psychology at York University and went on to complete a Master's at the University of Toronto, graduating with Honours.  I am registered as a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario as a Psychological Associate, with a practice in Counselling Psychology. 

I have over 25 years experience working with a diverse background of needs.  I began my career working with traumatized children and their parents in an agency setting.  I then began to work with adolescents and adults who were victims of violence, and navigated the various systems involved in these complex situations.  I also spent time doing advocacy work raising public awareness of violence against woman issues, trained police, members of the clergy and sat on various networks and committees.  I then worked for a number of employee assisted programs, where my focus became far more diverse and reflective of our world at large.  I supported the wide range of concerns my clientele identified.  And this paved the way for my move to private practice.
Now my focus became supporting individuals with mood disorders, and individuals and couples dealing with a broad range of complaints including relationship and marital discord, challenges with employment and workplace stress, balancing home and professional life, health issues and bereavement and the development of ones spirituality. 
As a result of my interest in many areas, I continually studied and practiced new methods and approaches to psychotherapy.  I then cultivated my own working approach to the therapeutic process, and believe after so many years, I am now able to truly join with a variety of people in an intimate and supportive fashion that lends itself to thoroughly assisting someone in getting to know themselves and finding the way to achieve happiness. 

Thus we begin with a confidential consultation.  I will guide you through a series of questions designed to thoroughly and comprehensively understand your concerns, goals and expectations of the therapeutic process.  Together we will then establish the structure and foundation of the therapy.  The therapeutic process is unique and varied.  For some situations, a brief intervention is all that is required.  For others, it is a process of getting to know you and building trust.  The capacity of the therapist to be present in the sessions, hold a safe space and have the insight and knowledge to know how to guide you is critical.  In all situations, I take my lead from you and work to help you listen to the small potent voice inside.   However, if you are needing feedback and tools to support you to do this, I will attempt to provide you with these as well.

 As in life, we learn as we go.  After 25 years of practicing my profession, I believe I am able to give you a level of expertise that is born of this experience. I will give you my honesty and promise you sincerity.  If I can be honoured to support you on your journey in this life, it would be my privilege to do so.

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