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  • Licensened Psychotherapist
  • 950 E Maple Rd, Suite L2, Birmingham, Michigan, 48009
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Adolescent, Young Adult, and Divorce Groups

Stephanie Sachs has devoted her life to partnering with people just like you, to journey with you toward a life with reduced stress and newfound levels of understanding, peace, and joy. Forgiveness is found through compassion – for self or for others – which, in turn, is found through understanding. From your first session, you will begin to see things in new light, and knowing the relief of feeling heard and understood, by a caring therapist who is equipped with the knowledge, insight, clinical skills, and decades of clinical and personal experiences that make you feel encouraged and hopeful again (or perhaps for the first time in your life)! From you first session, our goals for you include walking out of the session door, every single time, with new insight and coping skills.

Because this journey is a sacred one that Stephanie Sachs will share with you, she is available to you, on-call, in between sessions, as well. This is a kind of boutique service for you, tailored to your needs as they change across the work, whether that means meeting for longer sessions, distance counseling, meeting multiple times per week, changes in modality/ therapeutic approach of work, homework, or reaching Ms. Sachs on-call. Your work might be individual, or it may include group therapy, couples therapy, or family therapy (including anyone you invite). Experience shows clearly that an approach including weekly individual therapy and group therapy is especially successful with adolescents and also in work involving separation and divorce.

Couples work does not always lead to a decision to stay together. When this is the case, you will find that therapy and mediation can tremendously save each party a lot of anxiety and stress, and can certainly save each party considerable money. In the case of divorce, especially that involving  minor and special needs children, that monetary savings could potentially save each party tens of thousands of dollars, certainly in Oakland County. With Ms. Sachs’ help, you can learn how to anticipate the potential struggles – emotional, physical, financial - costs of each party to recover and establish your “new normal”. Help navigating your way through a painful separation and divorce can help you to know what new normal needs to look like for you, and for your children, if they are involved, and to negotiate with one another to ease worries and fears that will likely come up for each you.

Many of you have heard of “the legacy of divorce”, a theory that loosely means that divorce hurts the kids. It doesn’t have to be that way! The combination of psychotherapy with family and divorce mediation can ease this passage tremendously and create a better outcome for everyone.

Family therapy can be short-term, and educationally based. Along the way, you will learn about where your child is at developmentally, and what their major developmental tasks and challenges are, and how to parent your child with greater knowhow and skills. We will discover if your child has hidden needs to address, such as social anxieties, compulsive-addictive behaviors (such as counting, social media, screen addiction, cutting, pulling hair, excessive exercise, eating disorder), body-image disorder, fear of growing up. Anxieties about growing up and dealing with the big world and social anxieties are quite common for Mellinials (ages approximately 16-32), as is depression (low-grade to Major Depression). Individual therapy provides a safe, confidential place to discuss struggles; Group therapy provides relief in that it is very normalizing (it’s not just you!), and also that it provides social support (proof that you are valuable).

Common therapy approaches Stephanie Sachs uses include: Insight / or Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Supportive / Humanistic Therapy, Psychological Education, Coping and Communications-Skills Training, Short-term and Solutions-focused Therapy, Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Biopsychoneuroscience Education and Brain Rewiring Therapy, Trauma Recovery, Adult Child Trauma Recovery, Family Systems Therapy, Individual, Couples, and Group Therapies. She also works collaboratively with other professionals, such as medical professionals, school professionals, attorneys, and legal systems, in arenas such as Family Law and problems with the law (probation requirements). She can work with your attorneys and help you and your partner to construct the terms of your Separation Agreement and Judgment of Divorce. Stephanie Sachs will help you to reach for and discover healing, growth, spiritual and existential meaning-making, and actualization of a stronger, happier Self, relationship, and family with ready availability to you, and her decades of experience.

Your phone consultation is free.  Just call 248-703-9249.

Located in Birmingham, MI

950 E Maple Rd; Suite L2

Street signage reads “Maple Professional Center; 920-970 Maple Rd”. The center building is the professional building, address 950. The plaza is on the south side of Maple, and for you privacy, the office is on the lower level, all the way to the left.

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