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Welcome. Glad you are here! Come as you are.
Therapy can be an adventure. Explore a deeper part of yourself and your history. Learn how to effectively manage painful thoughts and feelings. Create a better relationship with yourself and others. Your feelings matter, your mind matters, your mental health matters!

Stephanie is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT 120116) providing individualized and integrative therapy for adults. She is passionate about supporting clients on their own journeys of self-exploration, reflection, and development through talk therapy. She is also the founder of Collective Space Therapy, promoting and advocating emotional and mental health for all people and communities in San Diego.

Her treatment approach with clients is unique and collaborative, blending in elements from different techniques and tailoring treatment according to each individual’s needs. She is experienced at incorporating psychodynamic, client-centered, humanistic, gestalt, existential, cognitive behavior, and mindfulness-based approaches.

She has an accepting, creative, and empathic style and offers a relational model to help clients explore their inner selves. Her practice supports the development of confidence, esteem, and a stronger sense of self. She will meet you wherever you’re at in life and provide a safe, therapeutic environment for health, healing, and recovery.
Individual Therapy
In a world that can sometimes be challenging, overwhelming, complex, and difficult to navigate, it comes as no surprise that we may feel lost, stuck, or just not okay. Therapy provides a safe space to be seen, heard, and met wherever you are in life. With dynamic and non-judgmental support, therapy can encourage self-understanding, self-compassion, new perspectives, insight, clarity, growth, and healthy relationships.

Stephanie Sandoval specializes in:-Depression
-Relationship issues

Benefits of therapy with Stephanie Sandoval:-The development of confidence, esteem, and a stronger sense of self
-Better relationship with oneself and others
-Learn how to effectively manage painful thoughts and feelings.
-Gain insight into how the past may play a part in the present

Stephanie Sandoval's therapeutic style can be described as:-Accepting

Stephanie Sandoval's treatment approach is considered:-Unique

Stephanie Sandoval is experienced in using the following therapeutic modalities:-Client-Centered

COST: $120 // Sliding-scale prices available upon request
SAN DIEGO LOCATION: Bankers Hill, San Diego 92101
*Online therapy sessions and phone therapy sessions are available to residents located anywhere within the State of California. 
PHONE NUMBER: (408) 896-3086
 "Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." -James Baldwin
Collective Space Therapy stands with Black Lives Matter. A foundational philosophy of my practice is an active commitment to social and racial justice on an individual, community, institutional, and global scale.

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