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  • Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • 2-42312 Yarrow Central Road, Chilliwack, British Columbia, V2R 5E2
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      See additional office location: Vancouver, V6B 1N2
      Suite 1405-675 West Hastings Street
      Vancouver, V6B 1N2
  • Phone: 604-791-2574
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  • Session Fees: $110-140
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, IM, Webcam

How I work with clients:
Have you ever wondered what to do next? Have you ever been stumped by life and felt paralyzed? You may feel caught in the pull of different parts of yourself. Perhaps you are feeling it now. There are parts of you that are more trustworthy, more essential and more core to your very being. Empowering those parts of yourself is central to my work with clients who are guided again and again in turning towards essence. Teasing these essential parts of yourself from the others often brings with it new possibilities and new directions.
Whether you are coming to me seeking help with concerns about anxiety, depression, relationships, etcetera, my approach will vary based upon your specific goals and your specific situation. But consistently, my approach to people is a relational one. When you feel that someone is really with you, that they care about you and they can relate to your situation, you will instinctively feel less alone, less isolated, and less hopeless. When someone can see, validate and honour your experiences, new possibilities emerge. This holds true if you are struggling with a relationship, anxiety, depression or other ailments.
 When you are in the company of someone who really relates, this capacity to relate also expands within you. When you are in the company of someone who is less reactive and more accepting of emotional states, you too reduce your reactivity and become more accepting of emotional states, of yourself, of others and of life circumstances. It is also possible for new strategies to emerge when relating to other people and their states. I can help with this too, but ultimately, you will be empowered to take more charge in your life and make the best of the decisions and opportunities that will emerge through our work together.

Additional information:
It is an honour to witness the transformation that unfolds within clients. Seeing their confidence emerge from the flames of change deepens my understanding of the core of what it means of be human. Answers don’t come easy, but often invite exploratory questions that delve into the essence of being. Being human means having experience. Some of which are easily contained. But others are more difficult to gather, accept and make meaning of. When those experiences are witnessed and held with respect, validation, and empathy, a greater sense of wholeness emerges that can be felt.

My background as a wilderness guide, teacher & counsellor strengthen my capacity to forge a collaborative alliance with you. Together we remove the barriers between you & your essential nature, who already knows the way. I honed this practice of turning towards essence in advanced study of imaginal psychology, spiritual guidance & yoga.
I find that my greatest struggles with relationships, worries, sleepless nights, mistakes, failures. grief, loss, loneliness, isolation and sadness have become my greatest allies in both connecting with my clients on a personal level as well as providing a sense of character development and direction to my own life and practices. It is these things that have helped me to connect with aliveness as I turn towards essence as a wellspring of renewal. If you choose to work with me, you are likely to find this wellspring within yourself as well. I look forward to meeting you there.

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