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About Me.
I work with a broad variety of people who are trying to get un-stuck from areas in their lives that have become counterproductive ways of coping. People frequently arrive at my office after reading self-help books, working hard to develop successful and healthy habits, exercising, changing their appetite and/or diet, taking medication (or refusing to), but find that these changes did not reach something deeper inside that seems to get in the way. They are usually smart people who know what to do, but in the “heat of the moment” all of the seemingly good tools, learning, and insights “go out the window” and an emotional reaction that sabotages the potential for success often intervenes.
Philosophy of Treatment.
I have found that by working closely with and that by being compassionately attuned with people, that an accepting and safe environment can provide individuals with an opportunity to push further through parts of themselves that have felt too dangerous or painful to engage with in their lives and in relationships. It is this very activation of what has often been necessarily and protectively locked inside, that promotes the new possibility of finding ways to be more open to one's self and, consequently, with others in a relationship. 
How I work/Approach to Therapy.
Beginning with the very first appointment, I work closely with you to help tailor-make how we will work together in therapy. Through mutual exploration, we will formulate a unique approach that is a reflection of your goals (or if you struggle to know what your goals are, how we will begin to find out what drives you more so we can try to find your goals). You might say I do not have single approach, but that my approach is uniquely informed by you and the path that we chart together. Our working relationship should help you experience yourself to deepen, broaden, and expand how you are and how you can be with others. While this can be quite challenging work, it can be quite rewarding.  

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