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  “We spend our whole  lives running from feelings with the mistaken belief that we can not bear the pain. But you have already borne the pain. What you have not done is feel all that you are beyond the pain”. 

-Kahlil Gibran


It takes courage to be willing to change and grow. Coping strategies, and habitual ways of dealing with stress may have been helpful in the past, yet you may find that they are no longer working for you now. Life and relationships are constantly changing. Life changes and especially the current pandemic presents an opportunity to recognise and choose the life you want. As a highly trained therapist, I can support you with compassion and care

As a therapist, it is an honor for me to facilitate and enhance your innate ability to reflect and grow. I have the greatest respect for the individuals whom I have had the privilege to meet and support in their improvement in their most personal and challenging areas and life transitions. My passion for personal growth and supporting others in their self development led me to earn a Master’s in Counselling Psychology.

I offer the most up to date and effective ways to help my clients. I am focused and committed to offering an individualized treatment approach for each client. I have engaged in intensive training in advanced therapeutic modalities including Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS). These therapeutic modalities are empirically validated to support profound emotional awareness and healing. I have sought out these particular healing modalities which optimally support my client's emotional independence and strengthen their ability to be in charge of their emotions

I believe that nature has provided each and every one of us with innate healing abilities and avenues for self awareness. Being in touch with our emotions and our feelings in our bodies can lead to healing. One primary underpinning of Richard Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems (IFS) is that all of our emotions and thought patterns have a constructive purpose. Even if we find that some actions and behaviors are producing unhelpful or troublesome results, the underlying motivations of these actions are intended to protect us from repeating past hurts.

Often we know from a rational perspective why we are triggered or become unsettled. However, knowing is not enough to help us cope with intense emotional reactions. When we increase our ability to be mindful of our emotions without jumping onto the emotional roller coaster, we can take the time our brain needs to feel our feelings without becoming overwhelmed.

  Humans thrive when they have connection and intimacy. Sometimes we have come away from past relationships and challenges with emotional injuries. Relationships have a huge influence on our life and well-being. I have been trained by Dr. Sue Johnson author of “Hold me Tight” and originator of   Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) as she says: “When people feel loved they are freer, more alive and more powerful than they ever imagined”

   Negative experiences and relationships can leave wounds that seem permanent. Yet healing can be found when we take each day as it comes. The only person to compare yourself to is who you were yesterday.

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