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I am a very experienced and creative psychotherapist. I offer long and short them therapy and I use many different techniques (hypnosis, meditation, EMDR - Eye movement Desensitization and Reprocessing - plus psychoanalytic psychotherapy) Thus I have many tools to help a wide range of people overcome many types of difficulties. They include: anxiety, stress, relationship issues (finding a relationship, ending a relationship, improving a relationship), medical problems, trauma, pain management, grief, low self-esteem, anger management, performance enhancement, phobias and many, many more.

I believe that therapy helps not only by technique, but also through the quality and strength of the relationship between client and therapist. Thus I offer a collaborative relationship. I can be both logical or intuitive, as the situation demands. I provide a warm, safe space and will always check in with you to know how you are feeling, Do you need me to offer feed back and structure, or time to talk? Are you feeling anxious, confused, or hopeful? Are you having any reactions to me? I know from experience how this helps make the therapy more effective.

I also believe that the more the therapist is involved in his/her own healing process, the more she can help her clients. Thus, I have experienced as a patient all the methods I use as a therapist. I know from the inside how talk therapy as well as meditation, hypnosis and EMDR relax the person, facilitate unconscious knowledge, enhance personal strength and resilency, increase the capacity to change. I can sense from the inside what a client might be experiencing and thus can respond more effectively to him/her. And, because of my own experiences, I know that therapy works, and convey that to my clients with personal conviction.

If you wish, my two cats, Boots and Tiger, will join us in sessions. They offer comfort and connection and facilitate the flow of feelings and ideas. You can read the articles I wrote about the benefits of animal assisted therapy on my website, (And you an read other articles there too about my approach to therapy). Of course if you do not want the cats in the room, I will remove them immediately.

I have a spiritual orientation. If you wish, we can explore your own spiritual feelings - or we can ignore that completely. I do believe, however that the changes therapy achieves are a miracle. As Albert Einstein once said, "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The others is as though everything is."
I offer you a brief phone consultation to discuss why you are seeking help and whether we seem to be a good fit. If we feel I cannot help you, I can help you find another practitioner.

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