Susan Christiansen, Ph.D, LMFT, MSW

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I work with individuals, couples, and families to better enhance relationships while struggling with the daily occurrences of LIFE. Believing that you are the expert of you and therefore have the strengths and resources to find your own solutions, I zero in on your abilities that shift you from stuck points to your desired endpoints. 

It may be marital, family, work, or other intimate relationships that keep you bewildered; or maybe you choose to be in a better relationship with you. I am trained in multiple treatment approaches so I can customize therapy that fits your needs.
Understanding what works can generate a sense of coherence and direction in your LIFE and a new way to embrace relationships. As one who believes that our realities are suspended in evolving situations, the impact of what takes place here and now...between us...may be infinite. We will co-collaborate to shift from problem talk to solution talk and discover alternative possibilities. Instead of thinking what's wrong with you, let's start looking at what's right with you!


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