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Have you ever found yourself caught up in emotional reactions, behaviors,  or relationship patterns that don’t support you or the outcomes you want? Do you ever wish there was a way to interrupt this - change it, stop it - a solution that would allow your true hopes and intentions to be realized?
 If you are among the many people caught up in frustrating replays - wanting to experience something different, an essential change, you can take that step now.  New brain science is on your side! There is increasing evidence that the mind can and does make remarkable changes - with the right approach.

I have a keen interest in helping people find the most fulfillment and happiness in their life, and resolving obstacles to that. I am particularly inspired by meeting  people face-to-face in the counselling setting and enjoy working with anyone seeking change in their emotional lives and relationships.I have studied emotional well-being and relationships for years and continue to do so, and have  over 15 years experience in individual, couple, and family counselling.
Couples Marriage and Relationships

The average couple waits six years before seeking help with an unhappy or problematic  relationship. That is a long time to suffer in the most important significant relationship in your life.  Marital problems can progress, and if left unattended, may devolve into on-going conflict or a gradual drift apart

Your well-being is intricately connected with the well-being of your relationship. You may love your spouse, but be very unhappy with  the relationship.  Unresolved conflict overtime can build resentment. Your happiness and that of your spouse, is too important to continue to live in a distressed relationship.

Everyone who is married experiences difficulties along the way, but for some these troubles reach the point that partners become profoundly disappointed and upset about their marriages and may even come to question whether they want to continue to remain married. As you may have found, it can be difficult to pinpoint the problem and make the changes on your own. 
With help that can change. Whether your arguments center on parenting disagreements, money issues, trust, in-laws or on-going day-to-day differences, solutions are possible. With new information and approaches to couple counselling, even if you have tried couple counselling in the past and it wasn’t successful, you may want to try again.
Most couples are able to improve their relationships within about 5-8 sessions with quality counselling, and effort. The number of sessions required will depend on your individual situation.In the initial session we will discuss the nature of your concerns, what you are hoping to gain from counselling and the impact your present problems are having on you and your life,  plus the things that you have already tried that are not working. We will work together to determine the best approach and solutions for you.
Sharing your your  relationship challenges and life stresses with a skilled and objective third party can help.  I welcome the opportunity to assist you.   

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