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I am a Clinical Psychologist with nearly 20 years of experience working with individual adults, couples, children and families.  I work with clients to build relationships in which they are able to develop insight and overcome negative patterns of thinking and behaving. 

Often a person comes to therapy not fully understanding the reasons for stress, anxiety, depression and unhappiness. My approach is interactive:  I strive to listen carefully and reflect back a comprehensive awareness of your life situation.  Together we focus on your current emotional life and relationships, making connections where helpful with your past history.   In my experience, effective therapy involves more than just an intellectual understanding of one’s issues.  The patterns that keep us stuck in life are often deeply rooted in our early emotional experiences, which affect how we view ourselves and others.  As appropriate to your individual needs and preferences, I use experiential techniques, including focusing and mindfulness, which allow for deep processing and release of emotions that may be holding you back in life. 

What is most healing in therapy is the “here and now” experience a person has in working through issues and conflicts.  This can happen only in the context of a safe relationship in which a person feels truly known, understood and accepted.   These experiences are emotionally transformative; clients often report feeling freed up to live more meaningful and satisfying lives.

My post-graduate education includes advanced training in couples and family therapy.  I practice Emotionally Focused therapy with couples and families,   a powerful research-proven method that helps break even long-standing cycles of negative behavior and alienation in relationships.  It helps restore connection by helping couples recognize their negative "dance", become more open to each other, and express their underlying needs for closeness and connection.

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