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We all face challenges at some point in our lives... a difficult decision to make, a painful loss, a problematic emotional pattern that keeps recurring, or perhaps a traumatic experience from the past that hasn't been fully processed.  Therapy can provide the additional insight and support you may need to effectively deal with these kinds of challenges -- to begin the process of emotional healing, cultivate understanding and clarity, and make some sense out of what is happening.  

I believe that the therapeutic process, while not without challenges, should be an empowering experience that supports healing, growth and self-awareness, as well as cultivating a deeper sense of overall fulfillment.  My approach consists of a combination of cognitive, psychodynamic and mindfulness-based therapies, and is uniquely tailored to each individual, depending on your circumstances and needs.  A confidential, emotionally supportive environment is assured at all times, allowing you to move through the process at a pace that is right for you. 

I have a masters degree in psychology, an applied diploma in holistic psychotherapy, and an avid interest in the practice of  mindfulness and its therapeutic applications.  Fifteen years in the social services field, working with a large and diverse clientele, provided me with extensive interpersonal experience and a valuable professional foundation.  During that time, parenthood, life circumstances and a deepening interest in psychology, meditation and holistic counselling led to more in-depth exploration and training, and eventually the establishing of a private counselling practice in 2006.  I am passionate about this work and consider it a privilege to share it with others, and to continue the ongoing exploration and discovery that it holds.

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