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Founder of Counseling Services of Portland, I delight  in offering you the services of Description: skilled counselors who have years of experiences working with anxiety, depression and all the complications that go with these challenges.

Why does experience matter?
  You want someone who has worked with challenges similar to yours and this takes years of experience.  If anxiety and depression are weighing you down, you don't want to experiment with endless talk therapy.  You want someone who has a high success rate based on practical solutions that work.  You want someone who loves this work, who looks forward to working every day.  This takes a special therapist who enjoys helping people get back in the game again, especially  after 10, 15, 20 plus years of counseling.

  How do we know what works?  Most people have mixed feelings about starting therapy.  You’ve probably tried self-help books, talking with a friend, or using will power.  Perhaps things get a little better.   But if the anxiety, depression , stress or relationship conflict doesn’t go away, it can feel like defeat or failure to reach out to a professional.  The truth is that when patterns become stuck, it requires the skilled and compassionate interaction with a therapist to identify the source of the problem.  It helps to have a caring person in your corner to help you learn  new tools and practice enough so you can return to your life with confidence.  We know what works.  We’ve seen thousands of people over the years and are proud to play a small but critical role in your success. 

Why work with a therapist?   Most of us seek an expert to sell a house, clean our teeth, make wise investments.   Why?  Because most of us didn’t learn these things in school.  Learning how to manage and heal difficult emotions, how to communicate with loved one in conflict don’t come naturally to most people.  We’ve spent many years honing these skills so we can pass them on to you.  Like a good coach, we can help you identify your challenges as well as your skills and strengths and solve the problem.  Why wait!  Don’t suffer needlessly.  Give us a call. 

What can you expect when you work with us?     In working with clients for nearly a quarter of a century, we have developed effective methods for dealing with the problems and challenges we all experience in everyday life.  We use these methods so we know they work .

As we listen deeply to you and am fully present with you, you can rely on both our therapist’s  intuition and intellect to bring forth what is most useful to help you reclaim the life you really want.  Everyone  is different.  Each client needs an experience directly suited to them. And that’s how you may benefit in working with counselors who have 1000s of hours of experience.

What will you find exceptional about our work together?

  • You will feel seen and listened to in a way you may have never experienced before, not just your words but also what you mean to say but don’t always have words to express
  • You'll see results or we'll change tactics
  • We’ll stay in the present, journeying to the past if needed at times. Your power and creativity live in the here and now and that’s where we will work
  • If you have a blind spot, we will challenge you in a respectful engaging way to help get you back in the game again.
  • You will learn skills you can put to work in your relationships, at work, and at play when you’re ready to do so
  • Out of the 100s of tools and skills available, selecting those that will give you results quickly and effectively
  • We will see what is good and noble and right about you. 
  • You will feel safe and supported
  • You’ll be working with someone who can meet you emotionally, intuitively and intellectually.
  • You will get better, not just feel better
  • It will even be fun at times and you will learn that laughter can heal hearts.

Research on What Works.   There is convincing evidence that most people who have at least several sessions of psychotherapy are far better off than untreated individuals.  One major study showed that: 

  • 50% of patients improved noticeably after 8 sessions.
  • 75% of people in therapy improved after 6 months.

Just as therapy has a clear starting point, it has an end as well.  You will know you are done when you have resolved the specific issues you discussed on your first session.  We write down your goals.  These goals direct our work together, and help us both now when you are done. 

So why wait?   Why face these challenges alone any longer.  Give us a call.  We care and we can help. 

Call for a free 10” consultation so you can get to know us.  Most people find that the first call is the hardest part of the whole thing!  

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