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Stop Your Battle with Food!

You struggle with an ongoing struggle with food.

You're obsessed with your body image and perhaps exercise.

You feel stuck and you want it all to change....

If this sounds like you, you might be feeling isolated, defeated and desperate for change. You are likely embarrassed and fed-up with yourself.

You have promised yourself countless times that you would get your eating habits under control.

And yet...

You have failed each and every time.

And now....

You've come to this website because you know it's time to stop your battle with food.

Guess What?

You have come to the right place.

Through counselling, I can help you get your battle with food under control once and for all.

Over-eaters:  Do any of these scenarios apply to you?

  • you repeatedly follow your diet, and then fall off again
  • you cringe when you look in the mirror
  • you are obsessed with food, calories and exercise
  • you lose weight, only to gain it back again and again
  • you eat when you are sad, anxious, worried and mad. You eat, eat and eat
  • you are fed up with your inability to stop stuffing yourself with food

Undereaters: Do any of these scenarios apply to you?

  • you restrict your food to keep the weight off
  • you exercise excessively and can't seem to stop
  • you or other are concerned for your health
  • you occasionally engage in a binge purge cycle
  • you skip meals, always making excuses for not eating"I feel ill," "I just ate with a friend," "I am stressed out," "I'm not hungry."
  • you refuse to eat in front of others

If you are an over eater or an under eater, your problems with food are likely to wreak havoc in your entire life.

Problems Related to Under Eating and Over Eating

  • Relationship Problems
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Obsession with Body Image
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Trauma and Abuse

It's time to stop your ongoing battle with food.

If you are sick and tired of over eating or under eating, then counselling can help you stop your ongoing battle with food.

You can overcome emotional eating. You can heal your relationship with food. Others have healed their relationship with food through therapy and you can too! You can find your way to feeling good about yourself again.

Benefits of Counselling:

  • Rewarding Relationships with others
  • Feel Good About Who You Are
  • Feel Good About The Way You Look
  • Overcome Depression and Anxiety
  • Heal Past Trauma or Abuse

Therapy can help you increase self -awareness and provide you with the ability to consciously make healthy choices. Your choices provide you with the enhanced self esteem an enrich your personal relationships. As you begin to feel better about yourself, your struggles with body image and food drop away.

Why choose me as your counsellor you ask?

I can help you beat this battle with food.

I too, have dealt with emotional eating behaviors in my past. Fortunately, through my own healing journey, I now enjoy a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle, which I can help you achieve too.

With more than a decade of counselling experience, I can successfully help you overcome your challenges. By providing you with necessary tools for success, you will overcome self-sabotage and addictive behaviors. I have helped people truly heal from their dysfunctional relationship with food.

If you want change, what are you waiting for? It's time to end this battle once and for all!  Call now for a free 15 min consultation.

Telephone: 604-916-7642 Email: info@tammyhumeny.com

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