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  • Registered Psychotherapist
  • 50 S. Steele St., Suite 950, Denver, Colorado, 80209
  • Phone: 303-524-0262
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  • Session Fees: $110/50 minute individual session | $70 per person/90 minute group session | $95/50 minute Splankna session
  • comehome-llc.com
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

https://www.comehome-llc.com/splankna  Why Christian Counseling (Therapy)? 

  • You just want to figure this out and feel better. You’ve talked to your friends, your groups, and to pastors – but the truth is they haven’t been enough. 
  • Sometimes there are pieces that feel too private to share with certain people, and other times it is clear that the helper is just as lost as you are. Prayer, devotionals and Bible reading are excellent tools, but what happens when you reach your endpoint? Or when stuff is getting in the way?
  • My name is Tania, and I am a therapist who practices from a perspective that looks through the lens of faith and Christianity (see Apostles Creed) at all that we’ve learned in psychology about these glorious minds and bodies that God has created. Integration is the counseling orientation at Denver Seminary where I was trained. I understand that the Bible was written for the times and that sometimes it is hard for you to get clarity on what healthy God-led habits look like in the here and now.

It is more important to us that we love God and our neighbor than that we 

possess the perfect set of doctrinal beliefs. Nevertheless, beliefs matter. Theology matters (https://www.thepartychurch.com/what-we-believe).

  • When you live out who you are already in-Christ, and are attentive to the Holy Spirit’s guidance you will eventually become everything you are meant to be. Of course, no-one will reach perfection in this life, but you can take hold of the incredible resources of God’s love, guidance, His infinite forgiveness, and cleansing. I offer resources such as Scripture, prayers, groups, meditations, spiritual direction, movies, and books.
  • Some of the tools and modalities I use include Prepare/Enrich, Solution-Based Brief Therapy, Splankna, contemplative practices in Christianity, and art therapy skills. Give me a call at 303-524-0262 or email tania@comehome-llc.com to book a free 15-minute consultation. Learn more about Christian Counseling (Therapy).

AACC - American Association of Christian Counselors 
CAPS - Christian Association of Psychological Studies
CCA - Colorado Counseling Association 
Tania A. Fendel, MA
Registered Psychotherapist
#NLC.0105806, DORA
MA, Counseling Ministries - Denver Seminary, Littleton, CO 
BA, Fine Arts - University of Colorado, Boulder and Denver, CO
Prepare/Enrich Certified
Splankna Practitioner-in-Training
Meet Tania Fendel 
I am empathic, artistic and having grown up in several ethnic cultures, born American into a Russian/Ukrainian family that immigrated from Germany - I understand the diversity that we all carry as we navigate life. I am interested in you and about what you want to get out of therapy. I have a passion for using a Christian, faith-based approach which has been formed by my education at Denver Seminary as well as volunteer, work and life experience. The focus is on making the most of your strengths to help you achieve some pain relief today framed with your long-term goals. My tuned-in empathy establishes that you have an ally as you share your pains and joys. This is a place to take hold of redemption and grow, with God's help.

If you are ready to find out more about Christian Counseling (Therapy) . . . book a 15 min free consultation at 303-524-0262 or tania@comehome-llc.com.

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