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Meet Tanya:

Tanya is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and an elementary school teacher, having received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (1993), a Bachelor of Education (1996), both from the University of Victoria and a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (2013). She has over seventeen years of teaching experience and has been an elementary school counsellor for nine years. Most importantly, she is a mother, wife, and step-mom; making her sensitive to the demands of a busy life and today's unique family arrangements. 

Her Experience:

She has worked with children and their families to resolve issues that affect school performance such as anxiety, the parent(s) relationship and role, depression, divorce, death in the family, blended family issues, school refusal behavior, and bullying. She has a specific interest in family therapy, whether it is the child, the couple, the individual, or the whole family who require support. 

Her Approach:

Tanya likes to learn about the individual, couple, or family before choosing a suitable approach in counselling.  Once she is a aware of the communication processes used between family members, she can help re-shape the interactions so they are more functional. 

Family and Couples:
In family and couple therapy, she views herself more as a coach or a facilitator and uses the experiences of her clients to help them become more attuned to one another.  Once individuals become aware of their own negative emotional patterns and replace this way of living with more positive, caring emotion, they can begin to restructure their relationships so they are more responsive to each other. Tanya also understands that not all family members may participate in counselling or only one spouse may choose to attend when trying to improve their "couple" relationship.  She believes that when one person is given the tools to evoke change within a family or marriage, this individual can have a powerful and positive impact on the others in a relationship.

Children and Young Adults:
Tanya's approach with children and young adults is highly dependent on their age, their willingness to attend, and the circumstance that brought them into counselling.  She is quick to determine what their behaviors may suggest, because often they cannot communicate their needs or concerns within the family unit.  It is important to know about their behaviors  and role at home, school, and with their friends to understand the big picture, which provides insight into the cause of the presenting problem or dysfunctional behavior.  Once Tanya has an understanding of the child, she sensitively helps the client communicate more effectively so they can enjoy more positive relationships.

Some of Tanya's common approaches are narrative, play, emotionally focused, cognitive behavioral and solution-focused brief therapy.  Regardless of the approach, the goal is to help individuals grow so they are able to experience healthy, satisfying relationships in all aspects of their life. 


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