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 About Me: 
I am a Registered Psychologist and Mediator in private practice in downtown Calgary. I have a diverse practice and offer therapy for adolescents and adults presenting with concerns such as anxiety, depression, parenting concerns, parental conflict, stress, sport-life balance, concussions/post-concussive syndrome, and body image concerns. I also have a mediation practice with a special interest in assisting separating/divorcing couples navigating parenting concerns. My combined clinical training and research background inform my approach to treatment. I am committed to ongoing training and skill development in my areas of work to ensure that I provide my clients with a meaningful therapeutic experience. 
What to Expect:
Attending your first session may feel intimidating. You may also find yourself feeling particularly resistant or closed off to sharing your experiences and struggles with a new person.  Trusting someone new is a risk as you are allowing yourself to be vulnerable and to disclose your inner thoughts and feelings. As your therapist, I understand this and value your courage. Clients present with different concerns, of varying severity, and it is my role to create an experience for you that is conducive to building trust. 
I provide clients with a safe, nonjudgmental space and my work is based on a foundation of collaboration and trust. I take a person-centered integrative approach and my work draws from a variety of evidence-based practices, with an emphasis (where appropriate) on interpersonal, cognitive, emotional, and existential issues. I assist my clients in problem identification, exploration, goal setting, skill development, and meaningful change.  I value empowering my clients with a set of skills that will assist them both during and beyond our work together. I believe that our sense of home is an internal state and I am here to assist you in your journey towards wholeness. 
First Steps: 
Taking the step to seek counselling likely means you made the decision that something isn't currently working, that a change is needed, and/or you are ready to embark on a journey of healing and growth. Choosing a therapist can feel overwhelming as you want to find the "best" person to listen to and assist you. I encourage you to ask me questions about myself and services as the benefits and success in therapy is largely determined by the trust between the therapist and client. I offer a complimentary phone consultation for potential clients to discuss questions or concerns regarding initiating the therapeutic process together.
Appointments may be booked by phone (403.266.2017) or email (tanya@worldpsych.ca).

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