Tanya Johnson, RMFT, MMFT

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  • Master Therapist providing Holistic Counselling Services
  • Wisdom From Within Holistic Counselling - 2775 McKenzie Ave, Suite 201, South Surrey, British Columbia, V4A 3H4
  • Phone: 778-867-3917
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  • Session Fees: 1 Hour - $159, 90 Min - $210, for individual counselling services. Specializing in 5 Hour personalized Soul Sessions. Packages for multiple sessions available. Call today for your FREE Discovery Session.
  • www.wisdomfromwithincounselling.com
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

Connect to Yourself Through Embodied, Soulful Healing

How I Can Help

I support people in finding meaning, courageously healing and powerfully thriving. I can safely lead you to transform sadness and fears into self-love, inner compassion, and confidence. I lead the way, but you find the answers. The path is cleared for your own intuition and insight to awaken. I infuse creativity and mindfulness with traditional evidence-based therapy techniques to help you and your loved ones heal. You’ll learn tools to help you grow and flourish towards the life of your dreams.

Our Mission

To heal, transform and support women through their expansion, moving beyond fear so they can gracefully step into a radiant life of their creation.

Our Vision

To bring healing to the world by starting within. Supporting one person lifts us all. We teach you how to learn to love all of your disowned parts - especially loving the shadow, embracing the darkness, and not repress it, as this makes us show up from a place of fear and worry.  

Our Core Values

We believe in an approach as unique as you are. Through compassion and deep healing, we honour each journey using a feminine embodied approach to healing. We believe that sacred wisdom lies within all of us, but sometimes we just need to let go of the mind’s knowledge and come back into our body for guidance. 

The Wisdom from Within Difference

“Thanks to Tanya’s ability to guide me through the intricate and challenging journey to self-discovery, I have a renewed joy every day. Tanya helped me to find my long lost inner connection to key parts of myself with her intuitive use of therapeutic technique. I am grateful every day for the results of my work with Tanya. I am blessed with true self-esteem, self- acceptance, inner strength, and I love my life.” 

For more than 16 years, I have helped hundreds of clients like the woman in the above testimonial. As the founder of Wisdom From Within Holistic Wellness Centre, and a Master of Marriage and Family Therapy (MMFT) therapist, I have provided mindful therapeutic experience, workshop facilitation, supervision, and exceptional community care to hundreds of clients like the woman in the above testimonial. Time and again, my clients share that my therapy provides them with a nurturing, safe space to be heard and asked the right questions, allowing them to go deep within themselves to discover their own personal wisdom.
Wisdom from Within also offers somatic experiencing, trauma-sensitive yoga, reiki energy healing, akashic record readings, and pet-assisted therapies via our fellow Master-trained therapist, Natalie Mezo. 

I want you to know your true worth. To feel your beauty and stand strong in your power. I want you to love your body, honor your space, your unique rhythms and your time. To know what incredible offerings you bring to this world just by being you. I want to help you to tell your story, to reshape and realize a new, improved vision of a life well lived.    

Love, Tanya

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