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  • Personal, Career, and Relationship Life Coach
  • In NE Phoenix at Greenway and Tatum, Phoenix, Arizona, 85032
  • Currently, my practice is full and I will not be taking any new clients at this time. Please feel free to try again in a few weeks.
  • Phone: 602-499-6010
  • Session Fees: Session fee: $175.00/50 minutes
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Welcome to the opportunity to create your most satisfying life possible!

Thank you for taking a moment to learn how I can help you make some significant and meaningful changes in your life.  It is my privilege to help my clients move from a place of dissatisfaction or unhappiness in their relationships, careers, or self-esteem and arrive at a place of  joy and success.  I am a therapist and life coach.  I help my clients optimize and present to the world their best selves!  

I have over twenty-seven years experience in the field of mental health.  While therapists treat diagnosable disorders, life coaches help people learn new skills and tap into their inner strengths in order to increase their relational, career, or personal satisfaction in life.  I practice life coaching with individuals, couples, and families.  I also conduct a two day intensive retreat for groups (such as YPO Forums) entitled Great Marriages, Winning Families:  Creating Significant Relationships through Awareness. 

I am trained in a broad spectrum of  approaches to best meet the needs of a variety of clients.  When people ask me what I specialize in, I tell them that I specialize in meeting the needs of my clients.  If a life coach locks onto one approach he/she won't meet the needs of a client who might respond better to another style or combination of styles.  I tailor my work to the unique and individual needs of each client I work with.

Coaching is as much about helping clients to tap into their own inner strengths as it is about teaching new skills.  After training at excellent universities and doing one's research, what makes a great Coach is keen insight and a great rapport with each individual client, communicating to them empathy, support, and confidence in their strengths and their abilities to make the changes they want. 

I received my first graduate degree from Loyola University of Chicago (M.S.W.), and a second Master's degree from the Northern Arizona University (M.Ed./Counseling).  I have been a psychiatric social worker, a community mental health therapist, a private practice therapist, and now a life coach.

Creating a fulfilling life that accurately reflects our potential and dreams can be a challenge.  We are met with a collage of obstacles from unsupportive or downright abusive families to our own fears, limitations, and genetic factors that sometimes affect our moods and outlook.  However, the journey of growth can be an exciting one! You simply need an experienced, wise, and compassionate guide to help you find your strengths.

As an individual Coach some areas that I commonly work with people on are:

-- Developing a new, more confident self-esteem

-- Creating satisfying relationships

 -- Goal setting and achievement

-- Becoming skilled in parenting

-- Resolving relational conflicts

-- Growth in one's understanding of and relationship with God

-- Finding the highest identity for yourself and most fulfilling mission for your life

-- Overcoming great difficulties and obstacles in your life victoriously



The marriage relationship is very complex--probably the most complex of all relationships in our lives.  For this reason it can be the most fulfilling in our lives or the most frustrating.  It involves elements of give and take, communication skills, personality style differences, relational expectations, differing child rearing styles, etc.  But most importantly it is a contractual agreement to meet each other's deepest emotional needs.  As a marriage Coach I help my clients learn how to create and sustain a flourishing marriage (no one taught us this in school!) and achieve great satisfaction in what is sometimes our most frustrating relationship.  Some of the areas that I work with clients on are:

-- Understanding his and her greatest emotional needs

-- Resolving conflict in a way that strengthens rather than tears down the relationship

--  Communicating in a way that each other can hear

-- Discovering your mate's love language

-- Understanding the fundamental differences between men and women and learning how to appreciate the validity of each other's perspectives

-- Finding forgiveness and compassion for the spouse who has hurt you 

-- Understanding how family history gets played out in relationships and how to short-circuit those patterns to create a new family legacy

With some honest soul searching and some new skills your marriage relationship can become your most satisfying of all!


Anyone who seeks new solutions to old problems, resolution to the issues that decrease the fulfillment in your life.

Everyone faces times when life is difficult and our own resources are not enough to make the changes we want.  I help people develop a fresh perspective and new coping skills to reach a place of healing and peace in their lives. Coaching is ideal if you are frustrated in your relationships (with others, yourself, or God), or struggle with fear, sadness, self-doubt, or family of origin issues.

I am discerning and direct.  I provide a safe environment where hurts and frustrations can be explored.  I work within the historic Christian faith, which holds at the heart of its tradition the values of grace and compassion.  I enjoy working with a variety of clients to help them fully realize their highest potential, purpose, and satisfaction in life.

    Coaching is ideal if you seek to reach new heights in one or more areas of your life: personal, spiritual, fitness, or professional.  Finding one's life purpose and achieving goals that bring about fulfillment in life can be a challenge.  It requires a detailed and specific action plan and strong motivational support to overcome the obstacles and crossroads that inevitably get in the way.  I help people identify their dreams, outline their goals, and motivate them to stay on track until they achieve them.  With a personal coach along your side, you CAN do it!

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