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Individual Counseling / Create the life you want

Do you feel like your life is out of your control and other people or circumstances define the way your life goes?

Do you feel confused about what you want your life to be?

Have you lost joy and happiness and your day-to-day life seems tasteless?

I can help you take control over the circumstances, find out what you want your life to be, what brings you joy and create the life you want! Begin today.

Languages / Idiomas / Языки / Langues

I speak different languages, and I work with people from different cultures using those languages. Therefore, if you look for someone who can understand more than one culture and more than one language, I am here to help.

Hablo idiomas diferentes y trabajo con la gente de varias culturas incluyendo la gente de América Latina. Si necesita alguien quien puede ver cosas culturales diferentemente y entenderle, estoy aquí lista para ayudar.

Если Вы ищите терапевта, который владеет русским языком и глубоко понимает культуру России, пост-Советского пространства и Восточной Европы, я буду рада Вам помочь.

Si vous cherchez quelqu'un qui peut parler votre langue et entendre les choses que vous voulez exprimer, je serai heureuse vous aider.

How I will help

I specialize in relationships with oneself (self-esteem) and others (relationship concerns). People treat others the same way as they treat themselves, so your self-esteem, your deeply rooted opinion about who you are and what you deserve affects not just the quality of everyday life, but also your relationships with other people.

In therapy, you will learn how to connect deeply with yourself, understand your unconscious motivations and desires, how to find love and compassion for yourself and others.

The result will be a happier, more joyful and fulfilling life that you are in charge of.



I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern who specializes in people’s relationships with themselves and others that is

· Self-esteem

· Relationships issues

In addition to her work with individuals, I also successfully work with couples dealing with:

· Communication Issues

· Infidelity & Adultery

· Love & Sexual Intimacy

· Parenting


Therapeutic Approach

I specialize in deep healing through self-compassion and forgiveness. The process of therapy includes going deep into yourself to explore and understand why your life is the way it is. This may include exploring your beliefs about yourself and the world, exploring and understanding your fears and desires, finding out what motivates you and what can be an obstacle to achieving your goals. Then, the main step is the change towards the desired outcome. I will be with you at every step of your path supporting your way without judgement and criticism.

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• Flexible appointment times
• Convenient video sessions for Oregon residents


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