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Welcome. I’m Teresa Bradley, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, who is certified in EMDR. I have over thirty years’ experience working in mental health.


I can help if:

§ You feel stuck.

§ You suffer from depression and/or anxiety.

§ You’re in an abusive relationship.

§ You’ve been a victim of childhood neglect or abuse.

§ You’ve suffered trauma that continues to impact your life.

§ You’ve been diagnosed with a personality disorder.

§ You’re grieving the death of someone you love—including a pet.

§ Your symptoms are interfering with your having the life you want.


How I can help:

                           Skilled Listening & Empathy:

                           This is how I create a safe environment for my clients in which they

feel seen, heard, and accepted. Once they feel comfortable, clients are able to talk openly about their problems and to consider possible solutions without the fear of being judged.


        Dialectical Behavioral Therapy(DBT):

I teach skills from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy(DBT).

DBT includes four skill sets: mindfulness, emotion regulation,

distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. These skills have helped my clients to regulate their emotions—such as anger and anxiety—as well as to enjoy more satisfying relationships with others. 


        Acceptance Commitment Therapy(ACT):

I integrate concepts and exercises from Acceptance Commitment

Therapy(ACT) into my sessions. ACT emphasizes living a rich, full life centered on one’s values. Clients learn how to relate to their emotions differently, rather than believing that they have to get rid of their depression or anxiety to begin living. ACT also teaches people how to defuse from their troubling thoughts, rather than wrestling with them.


        Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing(EMDR):

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing(EMDR)is a powerful therapy for trauma. Examples of trauma include being physically or sexually abused, witnessing violence, living through a natural disaster, and being belittled. Trauma can often continue to have a major impact on one’s life long after the actual event. I’ve been practicing EMDR since 2010 and have seen, firsthand, its benefits. Clients who have believed that they’re “dirty” or “stupid” or that the abuse was “my fault” come to understand—in their gut—that these things are not true. Nightmares stop. The memory of the trauma loses its power. 

What Clients Have Said About Their Experiences with EMDR:

     “Fifty years of rage—gone!”

     “EMDR just didn’t open a door—it took down a whole wall.”

     “I thought I was irreparably damaged and you taught me that

I’m not. You’ve given me back to myself.”    


My Experience:

                I began my career working at the Crisis Intervention Center of Stark County in Canton, Ohio—just a stone’s throw from the Football Hall of Fame. In addition to responding to psychiatric emergencies, the Crisis Center also screened for a battered women’s shelter. I became especially interested in working with this population and started a support group for women in abusive relationships who did not utilize the shelter. After moving to Illinois, I continued to do crisis intervention for several more years, while at the same time carrying a small caseload of clients for ongoing therapy. I’ve also had experience in group homes for the mentally ill, day treatment programs, working with the homeless, and case management. For the past twelve years, I’ve been doing therapy—mainly individual—exclusively. 


About Me:

                I feel so lucky to be able to do work that I love. When I’m not working, I like to read and write—I must admit that I’m a mystery junky—especially British mysteries. I love to travel—and especially enjoy natural and historic sites. Nature has always inspired me as well as comforted me in times of trouble. I especially love being by water or looking up at the night sky. And I must admit that I am intrigued by the unexplained, mystical, and mysterious! I love animals and enjoy volunteering at Cat Guardians. My husband John and I have been married for over twenty years. Life doesn’t get any better than spending time with him as well as with my close friends.


Contact Information:

                Teresa Bradley

                LifeWork Counseling

                911 North Elm Street

                Hinsdale, Illinois   60521

                Phone: (630)452-4325



                I accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Cigna.

                  Fees can often be negotiated. Please call to discuss if interested.  



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