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My Approach:

Having struggled with my own chronic illness for a number of years, I developed an interest in integrative medicine and psychology. In 2010, I opened my practice in Atlanta with Dr. Dave Ou, a pioneer in integrative medicine. I have added integrative techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique to my toolkit. In this practice, I enjoy working applying what I have learned from all of these experiences. 

My Specializations: 

I received my Master of Arts degree in Psychology from Georgia State University in 1982.  From 1988 through 1994, I worked in a Child and Adolescent Program at the Personal Growth Center in Griffin, GA.  For part of that time, I served as director of the program.  While there, I specialized in working with children, adolescents and adults who had been physically and sexually abused including clients who had Dissociative Identity Disorder.  This was an interesting and unusual arrangement in that I was able to work with adults with the philosophy that healthy parents create healthy kids.

In 1993, I started my private practice in Covington, GA where I continued working with abuse and trauma survivors as well as people experiencing depression, anxiety, phobias, stress, self-esteem and other life issues.  In 2004, I began my journey into Imago Relationship Therapy and became certified in 2007. 

Imago Relationship Therapy: 

Until I discovered Imago Relationship Therapy, I was ready to quit offering couples counseling. Now, it is my favorite mode of therapy. Even though I have been certified for a few years now, I am still constantly amazed at how effective it is in helping couples to reconnect, to sort through their core issues, and get back to those loving feelings. I feel humbled and honored to witness the work couples do in sessions.

Professional Profile:

I am a member of several professional organizations including:
  •  American Psychological Association   
  •  American Counseling Association
  •  American Mental Health Counselors Association
  •  Imago Relationships International
  •  Georgia & Regional Imago Therapists of the Southeast

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