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  • Session Fees: $180.00 for 45minute session and $360.00 for 90 minute sessions. We are not currently on any insurance panels. I do hold some sliding scale slots for clients who have a financial need.
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I am licensed as a social worker through the Arizona State Board of Behavioral Health. Throughout the years, I have worked in many acute care settings as a medical social worker, a trauma social worker, and a director of social services. I also have experience as an outpatient therapist at various mental health clinics and I am contributor to the Huffington Post

I received my master’s degree in social work from the University of Maryland in 1985, where I specialized in individual and family counseling. I have over 30 years of experience working with couples programs. I believe that family is the number one priority in life.    

As the child of divorced parents I’ve witnessed firsthand the pain and anguish that couples endure when they’re stuck in a relationship that’s not working. Your home is the place where you should feel valued, important and loved for who you are. If you’re stuck in a situation where you’re feeling isolated and alone, the yearning to reach out to the person you love most and not feeling as though it’s possible can be the deepest pain you’ve ever experienced. I’ve dedicated my career to helping couples and families.

My goal is to be a resource for couples to enable them to have the closest connection possible to their partners and children. If I can help people to avoid that pain, my mission is accomplished. If you’re already in the midst of relationship troubles, I want to help you find your way back to a place where your sense of self and your identity are strong and healthy and your home is that place of love and security for the entire family.


I’m Laurie DiLorenzo. I’m looking forward to working in The Couples Experts office practice in Scottsdale. I spent many years in the Midwest raising my family and went back to school after my kids were older to pursue my passion for helping people I’ve always been the go to person in my family to listen and help. I think I have a natural gift for guiding people and giving them some perspectives on their choices. I have extensive experience working with adolescents, families and couples. It’s extremely fulfilling work that impacts the entire family.

I also specialize in EMDR therapy and Somatic Experiencing, mostly dealing with complex trauma. I’m have  training  in  the healing of trauma with somatic experiencing and other modalities. What we’re learning about trauma gives us insight and makes us more effective individual and couples counselors. The greatest satisfaction in my work is knowing that my efforts have gone towards something that truly matters. To be able to help and support couples and families through their challenges to become happier and more fulfilled in their lives and relationships.

I look forward to helping couples in the the Couples Expert practice with Stuart Fensterheim, LCSW. If you’d like to learn more about whether counseling is the right choice for you, we offer a free 30 minute phone consultation. This isn’t a free counseling session, but an opportunity for you to find out how counseling works and discuss your expectations about the process and results.   

Here at The Couples Expert, we also offer a free 30-minute telephone consultation, and I am one of those counselors that will be calling you. Please call me at 480-993-1922 if you need individual, family or couples support.


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