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At The Holistic Mental Health Clinic, we take a fresh approach to mental health treatment. We focus on mental fitness and making your brain healthier. Because a healthier brain will bring you a happier life! Along with traditional psychotherapy, we offer many other specialized treatments to help you achieve real and lasting change so you can move on to living your best life! We start by providing you an individualized Amen Method brain health assessment. With this powerful information you will receive targeted treatment based on how your brain uniquely works. This is the next best thing to getting a brain scan at one of the world renowned Amen Clinics! With this far more targeted treatment there is hope for healing and recovery. We also offer many other specialized treatments such as EMDR, hypnotherapy, career assessment and counseling, biofeedback relaxation therapy and nutritional supplementation recommendations to support you reaching your goals of real and lasting change.  We work with children, teens, adolescents and adults.  You will also be provided your personal Plan of Care so that you will know exactly the number of sessions recommended to reach your goals. We also offer several theraputic support groups for minimal costs.  Check out our interactive website for more great information at When you look at your monthly budget or daily planner you might think counseling treatment is too costly or even too time consuming. But weigh the cost of physical ailments due to stress, missed work or promotions, divorce and settling for less enjoyment in your life, counseling treatment doesn't look so expensive. It's time to invest in real and lasting change for yourself. Contact us today!

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