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At The Landing, patients benefit from an individualized treatment experience that is comprised of the precise services and supports that meet their unique goals for treatment. This center’s ocean-side location provides a tranquil backdrop for healing, and The Landing’s experienced, caring staff is committed to providing personalized care and the latest in scientifically-backed treatment modalities.
In order to be admitted at The Landing, patients must have a primary diagnosis of a substance use disorder, but The Landing also welcomes men who are experiencing a mild to moderate co-occurring mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression. With access to the full continuum of care, patients can begin treatment with a supervised detox program (if deemed necessary) in which they can cleanse their minds and bodies of substances of abuse while being monitored by medical staff to ensure their safety and comfort.
From detox, patients can seamlessly transition to whatever next steps are recommended in their treatment plan, either a 30 or 90-day option for residential care, partial hospitalization programming, or community-based outpatient services. With several options available, patients will be treated in a setting that will yield the most successful outcome for their recovery.

During their time at The Landing, men will have access to educational groups, process groups, lectures, and experiential groups such as hypnotherapy, music and art therapies, yoga, massages, hiking, and a range of other activities. Programming at The Landing incorporates a 12-step philosophy with an “east meets west” approach. This means that patients will have opportunities to works towards overcoming substance abuse on a deep level, exploring the various ways that addiction has manifested in their lives. In this way, the men who participate in programming at The Landing find pathways to overcome addiction, to overcome past trauma, and to work towards healing their minds, bodies, and spirits.
As a man progresses through treatment at The Landing, he will gradually be stepped down into less intensive levels of care as he gains strength. All treatment modalities at The Landing are executed with the goal of lifelong sobriety in mind, meaning that success after treatment is an overarching theme of life at The Landing, and the discharge planning process begins from moment a patient us admitted. For men who have completed their initial residential treatment experience, there is the option to attend The Landing II. This ancillary program is designed to offer additional support for program alumni, and to ensure that each patient that attends The Landing has the tools he needs to support a lifetime of recovery.

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