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At The Rose, women who have been battling addictions to drugs and/or alcohol can receive personalized treatment in a setting that reflects their unique needs. Women ages 18 and over are invited to heal in a tranquil, calm setting that has proven to be extremely helpful for patients who have struggled with addictions to many types of substances, including the following:
·Synthetic drugs
·Stimulant medications
·Prescription painkillers
This comprehensive treatment center offers services that represent a full continuum of care, delivered in an atmosphere of dignity, respect, and sensitivity. Upon admission, each woman is thoroughly assessed to determine the precise interventions that will be most helpful to her during her time at The Rose. From there, treatment planning will begin that takes into account the patient’s personal and health history, substance abuse patterns, challenges to sobriety, personal goals and interests, and innate strengths.

Many women who have been unable to cease their substance abuse prior to entering treatment will begin their stay at The Rose with detox services so that they can rid their minds and bodies of drugs or alcohol prior to progressing toward other steps in their treatment plan. During detox, patients will be monitored by medical staff to ensure their safety and comfort, meaning that they will not have to face the pain and discomfort of an unassisted withdrawal.
As they gain strength and prepare to exit detox, patients can then easily transition into other levels of care. The Rose offers a residential treatment environment in which women can escape the stress of daily life for a time, and refocus their energy on their goals for recovery. While each woman’s plan of care will reflect her unique strengths and challenges, there are several commonalities that most women will experience during their time at The Rose. Patients will have opportunities to engage in individual, group, experiential, and family therapies as needed, and will also have time for quiet contemplation.
In addition to providing time-tested and scientifically-backed treatment modalities that effectively address addiction, the staff at The Rose is equipped to address certain co-occurring mental health conditions as well. Often, substance abuse can be exacerbated by untreated mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or other similar conditions. For this reason, it is imperative that a patient receives holistic treatment for both substance abuse and any co-occurring disorders at the same time. In doing so, she will be able to address any underlying issues that have contributed to her addictive behaviors and set the course for continued success in recovery.


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