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Theo Reynolds of Healing Relationship Guide is a San Francisco facilitator who specializes in helping diverse couples deepen their relationships and guiding people working with issues of  depression, trauma, anxiety, addiction, shame, loss and anger. Using advanced techniques, he can help people who need support with a wide array of problems. Couples and individuals have great success in finding more contentment in their lives by experiencing ways together to alleviate their suffering. Feelings of loneliness, anxiety, anger, sadness, fear and confusion will diminish through teaching and emotional guidance.More feelings of lightness, joy, peace of mind, stability and self-love will grow.
Often the most problematic relationship in our life is the one that matters the most to us: our relationship with our primary partner. And it’s usually because it’s our primary partner that it can feel so overwhelming. This is because all of our deepest fears get exposed when there is a disconnect with our primary partner. Even when our relationship with our primary partner is not the most problematic, because this person matters so deeply to us, we can get easily triggered and deep old wounds can re-surface in times of crisis. Have you ever noticed that when a person only matters to you a little, things they do don’t disrupt your peace of mind as much? And if we start to develop deeper feelings for that same person, especially if it’s a romantic development, things that never bothered us before start to arise? 
This is a universal experience. This is why so many people need help in more successfully navigating this primary relationship. The help of a seasoned, wise, solid relational guide can help deepen your intimacy and safety in this important relationship so it doesn’t get to the crises stage. And if you are in crisis, a relationship counselor can help you guide yourself away from the brink and acquire new tools and deeper awarenesses so you don’t ever approach the brink again. A tool that has been shown to be incredibly effective in doing this is Dr. Sue Johnson’s book called “Hold Me Tight” and the work that she brought into the world.This is a type of guidance and education that has been shown to be very effective with a wide range of couples, because it gets to the core issues underneath the surface tensions which people throughout the world are afflicted with.
As a trained couples guide with experience in marital facilitation, I use Sue Johnson’s work to help couples become more aware of what is happening in the present moment. As individuals we come into our primary relationships with old wounds from our childhood. And these early attachment traumas and wounds can cause our physiology to develop a “narrow band of tolerance”. What this means is that we get upset more easily. When our well-being is disrupted we feel it more profoundly, and it takes longer for us to come back to a grounded easeful place within ourselves. The tools I use help the individuals psyche and mind WIDEN their “band of tolerance”. A lot of this happens on a unconscious level in the present moment during the sessions. When we have a wider “band of tolerance”, we more easily navigate conflicts with our partner.

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