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 At Therapeutic Links, our mission is to provide individuals with person-centered therapies and best practices that will produce life-long health. 

 Why Choose Therapeutic Links? 


> Timely Access to Care:

  • Efficient same day response to a phone call or email inquiry
  • Evening and weekend appointments available
  • Services provided within 5 days of referral or according to the level of care needed

> Evidence-Based Treatments: 


We take pride in using evidence-based treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to give our clients the tools they need to move forward in life.  Our clients are able to better understand themselves in ways they never had before. We help our clients identify unhealthy thought patterns and provide strategies that will lead to positive behavior change. These new skills will be useful for both now and in the future.


With our experience and assistance, our clients feel empowered to manage a range of problems, including: trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, substance abuse, stress management, low self-esteem, transitions, and marital or other relationship concerns.

 Meet our Counselors and Therapists!



Florian Portis, LICSW


I provide support for adults and couples who are experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship issues and difficulty adjusting to life transitions.  My focus is to help you manage issues that bring about uncertainty, confusion and stress. 


Together we will establish goals and strategies to help you work through those moments of frustration and when you feel like you're overwhelmed, stuck or not making any progress.  You will benefit from a non-judgmental perspective as I assist you in getting through the rough patches. 


Even if you are afraid of change, I can help you focus on new possibilities! 




Abigail Hill, LICSW 


Your emotional well-being is just as important as your physical health. I offer a welcoming space where we can discuss emotions that may feel overwhelming, burdensome, or shameful.  I partner with my clients to help them overcome feelings of anxiety and depression, and I build on your strengths. Together we will develop new strategies and techniques that will enhance your confidence, relationships, and coping skills.


I support both men, women and adolescents who are dealing with sexual trauma, depression, anxiety, transitional issues, family conflict and peer relationships.


I value the relationships that I build with my clients and encourage you to let me know how satisfied you feel with the process as it progresses.


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