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Hello! My name is Tiffany Bryant and I am a licensed professional clinical counselor that has been providing counseling services for the past 11 years. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology from Kentucky State University and a master's degree from the University of Kentucky in rehabilitation counseling. I am also a registered yoga teacher and enjoy teaching individuals how to bring more mindfulness and their lives. My goal when working with individuals and couples is to help them get more clarity and understanding in their lives. 
I help individuals that are experiencing anxiety, depression, and need help dealing with stressors, triggers, and life transitions. Helping people have a better understanding of who they are and be able to express their needs and not be afraid to set healthy boundaries with others. Overall I want to help my clients develop a better self-esteem, boost their confidence and love themselves unapologetically. I also teach my clients how implement better self-care strategies in their life and learn how to relax and de-stress. 
When I work with couples I help them get on the same page with each other and to better understand each other's needs and desires. We work on strengthening the communication between each other as well as learning how to effectively discuss and resolve conflicts and differences. We discuss the couple's personalities, quirks, and habits in order to have a deeper understanding of each other. We also discuss how to work better as a team when it comes to making decision and handling responsibilities and obligations. We also discuss how to build a stronger connection with each other in order to have better intimacy and affection with each other. 
When working with clients I want them to feel like they are in a safe environment to be able to say whatever they need to say however they need to say it knowing that we will work through the issues together. I want my clients to learn how to trust themselves deeper and to doubt themselves less. The therapies that I use with clients are cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, person-centered therapy, mindfulness, cognitive therapy, reality therapy, and compassion focused therapy.  
I currently take several insurances and allow individuals and couples to pay out of pocket as well. Please contact me at for more information. I am located in Lexington, Kentucky and the address is 1500 Leestown road suite 306.  

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