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“I truly believe in the value of the therapeutic process.” Everyone has had struggles at some point in their lives; distress and challenges aren’t discriminatory. One of the main reasons an individual seeks out a therapist is due to the inability to cope with a situation, person, or place. My goals are to educate and empower clients to lead healthier lives.  I utilize evidenced based models such as dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy to provide clients with proven skills to become well again. This allows individuals to continue to lead healthy and balance lives long after sessions have concluded.

I enjoy working with adolescent and adult clients. I have worked with clients at all levels of treatment including inpatient hospitalization, group home, and at dual-diagnosis treatment centers.  I valued these experiences as it each of those clients demonstrated the resiliency it takes to reach out for help sometimes more than once. Some of the issues that brought them to treatment included: self-esteem, depression, bipolar, anxiety, eating-disorders, chemical dependency, relationship issues (infidelity), communication issues, work stressors, financial stress, and attention-deficit.

I earned my Master’s degree with Capella University in Mental Health Counseling. I also earned a post bachelor’s certificate in Marriage and family therapy. I have completed independent licensure in Illinois as a professional clinical counselor and in Georgia as a professional counselor. This professional training along with my work experience in management and customer services allow me to relate to your work stressors and provide excellent customer service as well. As I realize the last thing someone needs is poor treatment from their healthcare provider.

That’s actually what lead me to therapy, my experience in customer service as a supervisor. I felt the most important component of role was to promote wellness in my staff. As they learned to manage their own distress, they were better prepared to take care of the customers. I quickly learned the same applies life. Take care of yourself and then you are better equipped to take care of others. True wellness extends beyond eating the “right” foods and going to the gym. They are important components that address physical body, but leave off the mind and spirit.

I not only educate and empower others, but I strive to consistently apply these tools in my own life. To de-stress and for pleasure, I enjoy running, spending time with my family, exercise, and meditation.

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