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  • Registered Clinical Counselor
  • Kitchener, Ontario, N2N 0A1
  • Phone: 5199934609
  • Session Fees: My fees are flexable if you are not insured. Clients with a family income under $15000 sessions are $40. I am covered under most insurance plans.
  • www.mentalhealthsupport.ca
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, IM, Webcam

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How I Can Help You Recover
I help and support individuals, couples and families who feel stuck in life or who have mental health or marriage challenges. Anxiety, depression, addiction and family issues are my focus. I am trained in social work, addictions, family counseling. Personal experience also helps me to help individuals and families support each other. Mental health issues have been part of my own life and our families. We know what helps us recover and use the tools that work.
How You Can Picture Your Life To Be Better 
My book "Picture Your Life" helps people to get achievable results. This book helps people to focus and deal with issues that have been stopping them. My approach uses cognitive therapy, positive psychology, and life planning, to help people have a content mind and soul.  I am an interfaith person with Christian roots and on request can provide faith-based counseling. I never push my beliefs and only speak of them if the person requests it.  I was a monk for many years before marrying the love of my life!
We need to believe in ourselves and something beyond ourselves. It may be our family, work, projects, or God. Positive psychology is woven into my approach. It teaches ways to get the flow back into your life and your families. Flow is feeling more at one with the world around you. We need to get beyond the problems and focus on what is beautiful about us as well.
My Personel Experience Helps Me Help You
Cognitive therapy is about finding the truth in our minds. It stops us from worrying about what others think and helps us to believe what is real and true in our lives. Cognitive therapy has changed my life, As a person with a mental health concern (PTSD) I know how it feels and what you are going through. My daughter suffers from a brain injury from a car crash. Helping her has helped me from a real personal level how to help families with complex issues. Families need to learn how to cope with the ups and downs life brings. Respect and communication are key. Strategies in my book help families to plan how to thrive together.
I love the work I do. It is so satisfying to see people recover. To help families stay together and become more loving.

It is important to me to keep my fees flexible. Recovery can take time. If you are insured once the coverage is done the fee flexes down so you can continue support. If you are not insured they are open to making the recovery process work for you.
Please contact me I can see you within a day if needed.
Watch this video to find out how you can recover with my approach.


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