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  • Registered Professional Counsellor
  • Whitecourt, Alberta, T7S 1H9
  • Phone: 780-706-6876
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  • Session Fees: $120 per session(GST included)

A Place You Feel Safe and Comfortable  

I believe in comforting and supporting people in their weak vulnerable moments of life.  Life can wound us and make us afraid, and it takes time and relationships that are safe and confidential to increase our strength and hope in the goodness of life.  I will accept you where you are at.

A Place to Learn and Grow

My primary work is providing short term solution focused therapy from a cognitive behavioural approach.   In a nutshell, when life is overwhelming and out of control, the goal is helping people find liveable strategies and skills to hold steady and move forward in strength and confidence.  This includes increasing emotional awareness, addressing negative thinking patterns, teaching new skills for making choices in life and relationships, and providing encouragement to live out new behavior.  You will find help in strengthening resiliency and building self esteem around your values, personality and communication style. 
 Coming From Someone Who Has Experience
 I have over ten years of individual and group work experience with teens and adults, including teaching at a university college and overseeing residence life. Our teens are facing more challenges than ever before in an already difficult season of life.  I am passionate about being a strong voice of hope in the face of anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicidal ideation, and other risky behavior that stems from insecurity and lack of feeling loved.
I have lead adult support groups for nearly ten years.  Teaching healthy emotional thinking and relationship skills, and providing emotional and social support to adults.  We all need continued affirmation and support to face the changing seasons and challenges life brings.
 I have three years of private clinical counselling experience, and working for Employee Assistance Programs(EAP) with individual teens and adults, and couples.  Providing assistance with personal, work or family issues; to help people stay at work or get back to work.  This limits the spiral of negative circumstances that mental health challenges can bring by supporting people through difficult times, so that they can become stronger and figure out how to be self-sufficient again.
Coming From Someone Who Is Human Too and Making it Through
My own personal journey through suicidal teen years, sixteen years of marriage, parenting, post partum depression, international adoption, recovering from back surgery and getting off addictive prescription drugs, and being self-employed--all plays a part in the very real down to earth counselling and support you will find from me.  Life is messy.  Life is painful.  But it does not have to be lonely, and it does not have to be without hope.

I believe in the unique value of each person, both in their strengths and frailty. I believe that trials can have incredible purpose, and that who a person is inside is more important than the circumstances of their life on the outside.

Areas of speciality include depression, anxiety and grief recovery. 

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