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Are you living a life of “hurt”? It’s true someone hurt you when you were younger and today you are still experiencing that pain.  The pain can show up in your life via your relationships, career, job, sex life, etc. Is it not time for you to take back your life and be the woman who deserves love, deserves a great career and experience the intimacy in your life the way it was meant to be.  If this is something you are ready to do, REALLY READY to do, reach out to me.  We’ll see if it’s a good fit for the both of us.
Here’s what I do:
We identify what is keeping the pain, hurt, shame, guilt, etc. connected to you and your life.  Find a way to resolve what we identify through therapy intervention and tools that give you the result you seek in less time than traditional therapy provided by most therapist.  It is not true that healing from sexual abuse take a lifetime to do. Most of the clients come to me because they are tired with dealing with the emotional pain from the abuse in years and years of therapy.  The way I work is to resolve the feelings once and for all and not just putting a band-aide on it to “get thru” the day.
 I have been in the professional counseling field for over 5 years.  The techniques I like to use consist of cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, solution focused therapy, and additional supports that give my clients guaranteed results.  I was once in your same position for several years myself until I realized what I had to do to be FREE. To have the life I wanted I needed to put in the work to finally let go of the pain, hurt and guilt.  I utilized my therapy skills and methods to feel better. Now, I am ready to help other women who have been in therapy for years trying to overcome the childhood molestation, incest or sexual assault upon their bodies.  To start out, you have to be ready.  And it is okay if you are not quite ready but we can get you there.  If you think you are ready to make a change or like to become ready sooner rather than later, connect with me.  One of the ways you can do so is take a look at my website and obtain one of my free resources so you can get to know how I can help you accomplish your goal of being FREE of the hurt once and for all.  Or call me for your free 30 minute consultation.

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