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“Not Good Enough”
 Not good enough to be loved, happy, successful, etc. The ultimate statement most of my clients have heard throughout their lives either from themselves or from someone in their childhood.  I serve women who have lived through some type of childhood dysfunction that involved: abuse (physical, sexual or emotional), hearing and/or seeing a parent be hurt at the hands of the other parent (boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.), abandonment by someone who was suppose to love and take care of them.
My clients grew up having to implement childlike solutions to grown up negativity to survive the day to day.  Solutions like: ignoring the sadness or pain, taking care of the parent instead of the parent taking care of them, attending to their younger siblings as a parent would do, standing up or stepping in the way of the two of them fighting, going numb as to not feel the pain, being the best behaved child to not cause more pain to the parent, acting quiet or shy around peers so they would not ask too many questions, etc.
When they became young women (20s & 30s), they let people not treat them well (cheat on them, hit them, sleep with multiple partners, etc.) to try and get the love that was not given to them as a child.  Sometimes they seek out partners that “need” to be taken care of, become co-dependent to the mates they choose to have relationship with, have multiple children to feel like they are loved with not the best partners, dismiss their own feelings so others around them can be happier, etc.  
These women continue to implement the childlike solutions well into their adult-life which makes them unable to achieve the love, success or life they truly desire and deserve.
I help them:
  • Give and accept LOVE
  • Trust themselves 
  • Achieve the career and life goals set 
  • Be truly happy

 These achievements go beyond what traditional therapy can do. These women realize that they can no longer afford to spend years and years in therapy hoping to learn what might work.  These women, my clients no longer

have the time to push back the love, success and life they want.  That’s why they come see me.  I get them to where they want to be in 6 – 12 (1 hour) sessions over a period of 6 to 12 weeks.

I have been in the professional counseling field for over 5 years.  The techniques I like to use consist of cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, solution focused therapy, and additional supports that give my clients guaranteed results.  I was once in your same position for several years myself until I realized what I had to do to be FREE. To have the life I wanted I needed to put in the work to feel better.   Now, I am ready to help other women who have been in therapy for years trying to overcome dysfunctional childhoods. 
I'd love to talk with you and get to know what is "necessary" for you to achieve today!  Connect with me via my website or through Theravive now.  On my website you can get to know me a little better and obtain one of my free resources.  Let me help you be FREE once and for all.  Or call me for your free 30 minute consultation.

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