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 One of the greatest predictors of therapeutic success is a good match between therapist and client. My therapeutic approach is to be gently direct and focuses on you living the truth of who you are. I have no agenda about what your truth is or judgment of how it's become clouded to you. I am, however, interested in supporting you to live from it.

 It's a simple statement and one that takes time, as it requires trust and comfort in our connection to support change. The ways you’ve armored yourself is a lovely thing, truly. I won’t ask you to get rid of that armoring as it’s kept you emotionally safe when you’ve most needed to feel protected. My interest is in revealing more options in yourself to call upon when you need resources. Sometimes the habitual and reflex-like defenses become tiresome and narrows our experience of ourselves and those we love. Imagining other options might feel possible or make logical sense and getting out of our way can be difficult. This is where I’m here to help. 

In addition to a good pairing between therapist and client is your willingness to accept responsibility. If you’re at this point or contemplating what responsibility means, it is likely we’ll be a good match in your therapeutic success. Responsibility can have connotations of being burdensome, and yet it is absolutely a key ingredient in catalyzing change. It is the point at which you reclaim your choice and how you want to live and experience your life. It means there is freedom, acceptance, less suffering, forgiveness, fluidity, and an ability to feel whole and not at war with yourself or those around you.   

A bit about me personally and professionally. I’ve worked in the mental health field since 1998. This is the work I’ve wanted to do since I was a young teenager and I’m fortunate to get to do it. I've received and continue to receive stellar trainings from some of the top professionals in their field of expertise that keeps me active and in tune with the work. I’ve enjoyed sharing my time with individuals, couples, and in the richness of groups. You can read further about the areas of specialization and will mention I have an extensive background in the treatment of trauma. As it often follows trauma I have also worked for years with addiction, depression, anxiety, anger, and relationship issues. Regardless of what is the identified issue people come to therapy for, I’m mostly interested in working with people who know themselves to feel and be better than their current state and want to remind themselves of who they truly are. Personally, I learn each day what it means to live after the death of my daughter. She has shown me how to be present with extreme vulnerability, and how to experience the depths of grief and love simultaneously. She continues to teach me how to celebrate what life is here, and the importance of connection to those loved. We are here and living, and life is worth living fully.  

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