Tristan Price, HBA, MSc.

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Tristan Price - Registered Psychotherapist

B.A. (Hons.), MSc. 

Office: Burlington, Hamilton 


Focus: Individual, Couple and Family Therapy; Therapy with Adolescents; Cutting; Couple and Family Communication; Anxiety; Anger; and Depression.


            I understand life to be a journey that is shared through relationships. People experience difficulties along their journey, but also find a way to carry on past these difficulties. I believe that as a therapist, I am given the opportunity to walk alongside people and help them access the triumphs of their past to help them overcome their present difficulties. As with any journey, self-discovery and individual growth are promises that exist through relationship. I understand that it can be difficult to speak to someone about personal difficulties and that is why I believe the work I do is a privilege, and as such I treat every individuals’ words as sacred.


            I have been trained as a couple and family therapist, but I have also worked with many individuals. With regard to family work, I focus on adolescents and preadolescents. I know that adolescence is a confusing and hectic time in any individuals’ journey, as it is the time that independence and self-discovery are at the forefront of every decision. I have found that my work with families and adolescents has been some of the most rewarding work I have done. With regard to couple work, I focus on helping partners’ foster stronger communication. Both individuals have their separate life journeys, which they have decided to share with another person or persons. In my work with couples, I am given the opportunity to help them make their relationship function such that they can move forward on their journey together.


            I have an honours BA in sociology, which provides me with an approach to working with my clients that goes beyond individual concerns and takes into account external forces that affect, make difficult and contribute to the self-discovery of individuals on their life journey. I am an MSc. (Masters of Science) candidate who has completed my course work in the field of couple and family therapy, and am working on my thesis, which is exploring men’s understanding and experiences of intimacy. I am a motivated and goal-oriented individual who will help you achieve your goals and help you become the person that you want to be.     

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