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Are you stuck in the mud?
You are driving in a familiar town but don’t seem to be going anywhere…
Someone threw you into a pool, and you are trying to swim to the surface gasping for breathing, unable to know what direction to swim… and it feels like you can’t keep your head above the water…
You might be feeling like that or just so frustrated that no example can connect with your feelings. That is ok. No matter what your problem is we can help. While we can help anyone we have a passion for working with specific types of problems that you might be facing.
  Anxiety counseling
Feelings of worry that just don’t seem to go away. Maybe you are feeling like your thoughts are like a hamster running non-stop on a hamster wheel. Anxiety can sometimes feel like it’s controlling your life. We have helped our clients learn ways to deal with their anxiety, and help them discover what drives their anxiety. This understanding of your own behavior can help limit the impact anxiety has over your everyday life.

Couples Counseling Feeling disconnected, or thinking your partner just doesn’t listen to you. From finding out about your partner’s pornography use to a possible affair. Couples counseling can be helpful in learning how to reconnect and heal the wounds inflicted by our partner. Our clients learn new skills in communication and learn how to emotionally connect to each other. Wounds don’t heal overnight however through couples counseling reconnection and healing happens

LGBT Counseling
From gay couples, to lesbian couples, to couples dealing with a transitioning partner. LGBT counseling focuses on how your sexual identity plays a role in all aspects of your life. Our LGBT counseling has helped couples work through infidelity, improved communication, understanding gender roles.
Our gay counseling & lesbian counseling focuses on helping our clients understanding their own identity, and can help figure out how your sexuality plays a role in understanding yourself. Our clients have worked through feelings of self-doubt, to self-destructive behaviors and found a deep manful connection with themselves, families, partners, and community.
Sexual Addiction Counseling

Human sexuality is a wonderful thing and should be used as a way to bring people together. Sometimes sexuality becomes a way to disconnect from our loved ones, from obsessively looking at porn, to having a number of affairs sexual addiction can disconnect you from yourself and your loved ones. Sexual addictions counseling can help you feel in control of your sexual urges and can help you connect in more meaningful and fulfilling ways.

Why I am a Therapist
From being an eagle scout, to working in my church I have always had a passion for helping people. I try to be as authentic and transparent as possible with my clients. You can watch the video below (soon to be added if it's not there now) and learn more about who I am. You can also check out my website by clicking here to learn a lot more about who I am, and why I decided to become a therapist. 

My Approach with Clients
I believe that helping clients focus on learning new behaviors can help limit any problem they might be facing. Once they have tried and been successful in doing things differently, I help my clients learn to understand what drove their past behaviors. Understand our own emotional needs, can help us find a richer more fulfilling life.


I believe that being as authentic and transparent as possible is key in developing trust in our relationship. Sometimes therapists can come off as cold, distant and stuck up. I try to let me personality show in my blog post, and throughout my website. 


My goal with working with every client is to help them find a richer more fulfilled life as we work together to find mental serenity.

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