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I came to social work later in life.  I have worked in a variety of fields but in my personal life I have always been involved in helping others find solutions to their problems. While working and raising a family, I attended the University of Regina part-time and earned my BSW in 2008.  While work in the field was fulfilling; I was still passionate about pursuing a career in counselling.  I continued to work and took classes part-time and completed my MSW in 2014. 

In terms of counselling, I operate from a strength based perspective which means that I look for strengths that you already possess and are already using in your life and illustrate how they may help you in the particular situation you are working through.  I find this particularly useful as often clients are not aware of the strengths they possess and tend to overlook their own abilities to cope with life circumstances.  I believe that every person deserves to be treated with respect and that they are the expert in their own lives.  I work collaboratively with clients to find workable solutions to problems.  I see sessions as an exchange of ideas and the client taking from that exchange what they need. 

In my opinion, most people can benefit from counselling if they are ready to accept and make a change in their lives.  I appreciate asking for help is a difficult thing to do, but we all need a little help once and awhile in our lives.  I believe that reaching out does not make you weak.  It shows how strong you are, that you are able to recognize and ask for help when you need it.  Generally change involves some work and some self- analysis.  Counselling can help guide you through the process and help you feel less alone.  Having someone to exchange ideas with benefits most people.  Counselling can improve your awareness of self and increase your mental health. 

My private practice operates from our home in the evenings and Saturday as I also work full-time.  I try to keep my rates low so that anyone who needs services has access.  I appreciate for many that financial constraints prevent them from seeking support.  I hope this keeps my services accessible to those who need it. 

Please visit my website as I try to post articles that are relevant to client concerns. 

Thank you for considering me as an option for your counselling needs. 



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