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  • AD Specialst Life Coach Behavior Modification Counselor LLC
  • Phila Upper Darby Springfield Landsdowne Yeadon, Pennsylvania, 19151
  • Phone: 267-970-7615
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My name is Valerie Anne Davis.  I am married with a teenage son with Autism. I am a Certified Specialist Life Coach, Christian and Behavior Modification Counselor. 

I provide sound guidance and practical solutions for the challenges that you are faced with on a daily basis. I help you to set goals while you are facing life's challenges.

I provide guidance when it comes to Grief Issues, Depression, Marriage Problems, Relationship Issues, Parenting, Coping with Life's Changes, Self Esteem Issues, Employment Opportunities, Anger Issues, Resources for the Needy and Senior Citizens, Work-Life Balance, Employer and Employment Issues, Self-Defeating Issues, Religious Coaching, etc.

I provide Behavior Modication for those who are facing challenges that need Counseling rather than Coaching. I provide Behavior Modification Techniques for those who are struggling with Personality Disorders and situations that require Counseling rather than Coaching. 

I am also certified in helping military families who face daily struggles that are unique to military living.

I do E-Counseling which is online and it includes email or distance counseling. I do telephone sessions as well. I provide in person sessions for those who live in Philadelphia and surounding areas.

I also do group sessions as a Life Coach for those who desire to have Coaching in a group setting. I provide private Counseling sessions only.

I can be reached at 267-970-7615. You can email me at

I look forward to working with you.

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Philadelphia PA