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  • Registered Professional Counselor
  • 6059 South Quebec Street Suite 203, Centennial, Colorado, 80111
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My Specialties  

  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Fears
  • Relationships and Singleness
  • Parenting including Single Parenting
  • Families and Divorce
  • Grief or Adjustment after a loss
  • Parental Alienation and other Ambiguous loss
  • Trauma including Childhood Trauma
  • Spiritual Counseling including Christian Counseling
  • Not being heard, valued and respected
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Chronic Pain
  • Success in Therapy 

    Success in therapy often arises from the therapist-person connection rather than the therapy method itself. I approach therapy as a collaborative work with each person. People are the experts on their life and their experiences, and they are the experts into how they attach meaning to those experiences.  I offer my education, personal experiences and mature seasoning to bring people to a feeling of integration mastery over their life.  

    My Goal is Guiding and Educating People into Good Mental Health Practices

    I believe in providing a lot of psycho-education to each person so they learn about how their mental processes work, I find that when people learn about such things as what they use to defend themselves against pain then they are more able to help themselves move beyond the current crisis.  Learning about how the body, mind and emotions work together to create our reactions to life events is a tool that helps people better understand themselves. People are then able to make the choices they want for their lives without responding to their triggers. I use mindfulness and reconnecting people to the important information their physical body provides about their life Contact me now if you are stuck responding to triggers or numb to all outside sensations rather than acting proactively for your own behalf. 

     I specialize in treating women or men who have had trauma in their life.  This can include trauma from spouses, partners, strangers, children, parents and because they cannot voice their needs and wants to another. A deep heart-hurt occurs for people when what they feel about a significant relationship is betrayal. Heart-hurt also occurs when anyone takes on messages about himself/herself being “not-lovable” or "not-good-enough" because of what someone tells them, or because of their experiences. I watch successes happen healing trauma from culturally imposed definitions of being female/male, or traumas due to a healthcare issues such as wrong medication or diagnosis.  I rejoice with others when they have “Ah-ha” moments upon discovering the hidden messages that have kept them "stuck" sometimes for decades of their lives.  and start accepting and embracing your traits and talents that really define who they are inside. I would like to hear from you if you are a woman or a man who has experienced trauma. 

    Therapies I Use With People:

    My first therapy approach often is to re-frame a person's actions or reactions to their given situation as normal and actually healthy given their experiences. I have come to believe that most people are doing the best they can in this life; and people are actually doing even better when they know something is wrong and are actively seeking help. I am well-versed in Attachment, Family Systems and Human Develop Theories and also use techniques from Interpersonal Neurobiology to help activate a greater feedback loop on where the struggle really is. I use Gestalt techniques, mindfulness and other self-regulating techniques to lessen the impact of emotionally charged events.  In work to identify and create greater access to known and created resources to strengthen a person's resiliency. I also use Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to heal the painful past experiences without having to completely re-experience them.  Ask me more about that with your free consultation session!  I get excited when people heal enough to stop the negative patterns of thinking about themselves and adopt new ways and methods of doing life. Do not hesitate to call me if you are "stuck" in negative ways of thinking about yourself in this world. 

    Personal Information, Education and Experiences:  

    My experiences include being the mother of two children, five grandchildren, an entrepreneur at heart, but also having lived the corporate life in several positions.  I have been a stay-at-home mom, single-parent, single adult, I've worked in start-up companies, Fortune 500 Company, government company contract work, and non-profit work.  I have volunteered in a variety of non-profit agencies for most of my life. With a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from Denver Seminary, I bring a spiritual perspective into the counseling space when appropriate. However, my greatest accomplishment was raising two children as a single parent and now being the proud grandparent of five little ones. 

    Visit my website at: Nikaos Counseling Colorado

    Nikaos is a Greek word that means Victorious.   

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