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I have always had a deep and genuine passion for helping people by guiding them through life’s most difficult moments which inevitably lead me to form; The Healing Project.

I am a believer that our wounds can help us open up to the most beautiful parts of ourselves and that choosing to be vulnerable is a strength and once we begin to nourish that aspect a new form of balance and understanding is formed.

I respect that everyones journey is unique and that one of the most bravest things we can truly do is ask for help.

The Healing Project specializes in recovery from narcissistic abuse, parentification (children who had to be the emotional caregivers for their parents or children who grew up with emotionally immature parents), codependency, inner child healing, unhealthy/abusive relationships and much more.

I truly believe we can transform the most vulnerable parts of our life into something beautiful if we gather the strength and courage to understand it.

I use a mindful, positive-coaching, motivational interviewing approach.

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