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  • Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • 71 Strathclair Rise SW, Calgary, Alberta, T3H 1G3
  • Phone: 4038039604
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  • Session Fees: 120.00 per session.
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  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, IM, Webcam

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Vince Urquhart, BAR, MDiv., MA Counselling, - Therapist

Vince specializes in counselling:

·      Anxiety

·      Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

·      Social anxiety disorder (SAD)

·      Panic Disorder (PAD)

·      Separation Anxiety Disorder

·      Grief/Loss

·      Marriage Conflict/Relationships

·      Anger

·      Suicidal Ideation and Trauma Intervention

·      Depression

·      Spiritual Direction

·      Premarital Counselling

·      Spiritual Counselling

·      Integrative Counselling

·      Existential Questions:  Who am I? Why am I here? Etc.

·      Life Transitions

·      Career Counselling/Vocational Changes

My Journey: 

Vince understands the emotional and physical turmoil of anxiety, pain and life transitions first-hand.   Through his own personal experience and education, he decided to study within a specialized area of faith(spirituality) and psychology(science).      Having graduated with his Bachelor of Religion from Taylor University in Edmonton, AB, he went on to complete his Clinical Pastoral Education I (Chaplaincy Program) at the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary, AB in 2003.  His post graduate degrees include:  A Master of Divinity from the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary in Cochrane, AB (2000) and a Master of Arts in Counselling from Providence Theological Seminary in Otterburne, MB.  He has gained 20+ years of experience in pastoral counselling and ministry, spiritual coaching, pre-marital, general counselling and marriage counselling. Vince is a licensed therapist specializing in anxiety disorders, marriage, pre marriage, existential therapy, grief and life transitions. He is active member of the Association Counselling Therapy of Alberta.    He continues to officiate weddings in the province of Alberta in order to help couples begin a new chapter in married life.  He is certified in Transactional Analysis (TA), Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1 & 2, ASIST (Suicide and trauma intervention) and is an Associate Professional Counsellor with PACCP (Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists). In his spare time, he volunteers as president of Insight Counselling and Therapy Centre in Calgary, Alberta.   A non-profit organization providing counselling services for those who cannot afford it.  

 Vince is the owner and founder of iCare Counselling in Calgary, AB. 

My Personal Approach to Counselling: 

Vince relates to each and every client through self-disclosure, authenticity and transparency in order to become a more compassionate and genuine therapist.  He is empathetic towards to those who suffer from debilitating anxiety, depression, loss and grief, inner turmoil, phobias, fears, worries, marital conflict, pain and judgments.   Living fear-free, Vince is able to assist others in order to help them gain a new perspective on life and write a new narrative chapter,  which he believes will produce relief from physical, emotional and psychological pain.  He genuinely desires to listen with compassion as he seeks the best possible treatment path and goals for each and every client.  As a professional therapist, he values confidentiality, active listening skills, compassion, care, genuineness and sensitivity to the presenting issue at hand.  His goal is seeking the more compassionate path to healing, wholeness and freedom for every client.  The foundations of his counselling practice are based on ongoing healing, hope, redemption, reconciliation, courage, growth, empowerment, faith, honesty and care.   He loves seeing lives transformed and people walking in freedom!

1st Steps: 

Come and be yourself and try to relax in the first few sessions.  My goal is to get to know you as a person while you share a few experiences about your life story.   I will do my part to accept everyone who walks through my counselling door while encouraging you to be yourself without pretence, judgement or stigma.   You will be seen as a ‘person’ of intrinsic value and worth regardless how you see yourself.   The client/therapist relationship will be built on a strong foundation of respect, non-judgment, confidence, collaboration, cooperation and mutual trust.  As a therapist, I must lead in the therapeutic dance by modelling unconditional positive regard as genuine care replaces mistrust with trust, a fear with love and rejection with acceptance.   Empathy is extended in each session as a doorway for self-disclosure, transparency, vulnerability and authenticity.  My personal theories will stem from a Christo-centric viewpoint, Psychoanalytic, Existential, Adlerian and Person-Centered Approach.     As a therapist, my personal goal is to assist you on your journey of being free from your past pain while helping you realize your potential towards self-actualization and personal empowerment.     

So, what can you expect on your first visit?

A)      Talking about your presenting issue or problem that you are struggling with.  This will require myself to just listen and perhaps take a few notes.

B)     Consent Form.  It’s important for you the client to feel that our time together is confidential in which requires a few ground rules that we both must agree upon.   

C)     Sharing your goals and expectations.   It’s important to know what you would like to accomplish after a number of sessions and what does the game plan looks like to get there. 

D)    Review of your background information sheet that will be emailed to you in advance.  If you are comfortable you may even want to share a bit of your unfolding narrative story that brought you into my office today.  

E)     General Housekeeping matters.   We will discuss fee per session, cancelling your appointments and duration of each session. 

Our next session will always start out with a few thoughts from last session, thoughts on any handout materials given from last session, questions for myself leading up to this visit, presenting struggles and the direction for remaining time we have together.   

Therapeutic Modalities:  

Adlerian Theory of Process

            Within an Adlerian approach, a psychological investigation or lifestyle assessment is explored while uncovering faulty assumptions, values and mistaken beliefs.   A goal of assisting a client to identify their mistaken beliefs about themselves, others, and life facilitating change in the client in order to help them reach new goals. Excited to see change in a client’s perceptions while provide a fresh new cognitive map in overcoming feelings of inferiority and discouragement.  Treatment methods include the use of existential therapy and questions, reality therapy, family therapy, solution focused therapy Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). 

Existential Therapy of Process

The existential theory of change is the most intriguing goal for me in the therapeutic arena.    I believe that this approach in in line with my own Christo-centric worldview of humanity as every human wrestles with who we are and why we are created.  The goal is for each client to live a full and authentic life.  To help the client face the anxiety or angst within them and turn that anxiety into an action in order to them to realize that there is a purpose for their existence.     I view the existential therapy approach as a worthwhile goal of reclaiming what has been lost in order to gain a new perspective and opportunity within a client’s subjective world.      A client can have the freedom to choose one’s one fate, search for meaning in their life and wrestle with being in relationship with others while striving for authenticity.  

Psychoanalytic Theory of Process

   Within the psychoanalytic therapy approach I believe that an important goal in working with clients is to make the unconscious conscious.   A delicate process of relieving a client from repressed conflicts from an earlier experience or trauma.  This can be accomplished by using a theory approach called Transaction Analysis. 

Person-Centered Theory of Process

I strongly believe that an effective goal in the person-centered approach is to assist a client in gaining a greater degree of independence and self-awareness of the presenting problem.    The goal is to help a client move toward openness, greater trust in self and willingness to be a work-in-process while uncovering thoughts, feelings, values and emotions that have been once hidden.  The goal is for the client to become more flexible and creative in their behaviour and more accepting of who they are as they become more self-directive and confident on their road to self-actualization. 

Christo-centric (Spirituality) Approach to Change

At the centre of my integrative theoretical orientation is a Christo-centric worldview.   An integrative approach which grapples with the human experience when weaving behavioural science (psychology) and theology (faith) together in order to grasp the depth of God’s creativity, wonder, knowledge and power behind the healing properties of the mind, body and spirit.     Hope abounds with a Christo-centric worldview in which every person has a reason to hope for, that love is centre core of what drives a Christo-centric theory and that through an act of faith redemption is possible for every person.   I hold to a strong conviction that God created each one of us, we are God’s creation, made in his image, created for good.  My convictions lead me to believe that there is hope for everyone through the power and presence of God in the midst of our broken world.  As therapists, we can be vessel of God’s hope for all humanity in order for our clients to experience optimum health and well-being within their body, mind and spirit - a goal of attaining homeostasis and holism. We are all on a journey of discovering the road of being authentic to the world and ourselves in which God must be the primary catalyst of change and healing.       

My Personal Story:

I was born and raised in a small town on the east coast of Canada yet have lived in the western parts of US and Canada since 2000.  I’ve travelled the world and studied in Sherbooke, PQ, Sioux Falls, SD, Turkey and Greece.  I have a passion for foods (sausages), history, camping, hunting, playing music archeology and cultures.  

I’ve also completed diploma’s in business administration, bible training and language training in French from colleges across Canada.   My original goal in life was to be police officer but I soon discovered that I had a deeper passion to help people and see them whole,  healed and free from pain and suffering. 

My Family:

I have been married to my best friend and the love of my life for just over 26 years and we have 3 beautiful children and a very demanding dog. 

My Life Experiences:

We love to travel and have explored many exciting counties and cultures around the world including teaching tours in Turkey, Greece, Mexico and Brazil.    We have recently driven across Canada in 2014 and discovered many beautiful National Parks and historical sites. 

My Interests and Passions:

Favorite Sport: Mountain Biking, fishing, hiking, hunting and the outdoors.

Favorite Interests: Playing guitar and piano, camping fishing, canoeing, reading psychology textbooks and writing children’s stories.

Favorite Thing to do: Spend time with my family, and helping couples succeed in their marriage. Volunteering at Insight Counselling in Calgary as an active board member (President) providing counselling services for those who cannot afford it.

Favorite Music: Folk and Country

Passionate Pastimes:  I am licensed to perform ceremonies in Alberta as an ordained priest/clergy through International Association of Ministries.

“He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how” Nietzsche

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