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I am specifically trained in Marriage and Family Therapy. I bring a lot of experience and training to

my work.  In the past decade I have worked in private practice and prior to that I worked with individuals and couples in a variety of counselling related positions.  Ongoing professional development has been a high priority for me and I mentor new therapists.
My specialty is working with couples and individuals to help break patterns and make changes they
desire in their life and relationships. I would consider myself to be practical, personable, very straight forward and down to earth. If you are invested in changing yourself to better your life and relationships I think you will find that you will go far with me.
If you are reading this, it is likely that you are contemplating the difficult step of opening yourself up to a stranger.I understand that this can be difficult. I want to assure you that I am careful not to judge you or take sides. I see my role as providing you (or you and your partner) a safe environment where you can gain deeper understanding of what creates the behaviors that you would like to change. My style is to combine probing questions, designed to get you to think of things in a new way or gain insight into what motivates undesirable behaviors with education and communication tools. I tailor my approach to the needs and goals of each client. It may mean provide some quick and effective tools and/or it may be more insight orientated.
I work with couples on a huge variety of issues. I have a lot of experience helping couples work through infidelity and bring a unique but highly effective way of moving on into a much healthier place. Many couples get stuck in destructive communication patterns, and I have some great tools for helping couples find better ways of resolving conflict. Most couples will experience periods of difficulty with their sexual relationship, I am able to help you find your way through these issues.
I also work with individuals helping them create stronger self-worth, reduce reactivity and feel more in control of themselves resulting in changes to destructive and harmful patterns.
 I work part time and have a limited number of evening appointments. My fees are $110.00(plus
taxes) an hour and my appointment times go from 1-1.5 hours. I no longer do any third party billing.  My office procedures and location guarantee your privacy and confidentiality. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or visit my website for further information.

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