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With almost thirty years of experience as a therapist, Michael has the ability to kindly and respectfully help you through many types of challenges in life.  
  • Dealing with loss or change in your life
  • Working through trauma
  • Depression and sadness
  • Anxiety
  • Self esteem
  • Many other life challenges

  • Safe environment to work through your issues with an experienced psychologist
  • Better sense of self
  • Getting "unstuck" from unhealthy habits and thoughts
  • Relief from sadness and anxiety
  • Improved social and/or love relationships
  • Feeling safer in the world

The crux of therapy is the relationship that is built between the therapist and the client.  People in therapy need to feel safe and respected.  They want to know that they're being heard.  Building trust gives a person the comfort to talk about very private thoughts and behaviors that are troubling them.
Sometimes it's recent events or disruptions in someone's life, like losing a loved one or going through divorce.  In those situations, we can often get to work quickly with very specific goals in mind.
Other times, more deep seated trauma takes time to unravel.  Michael likens it to bringing old events or issues "out into the light" so we can reframe what it means in a different way.  Ultimately, Michael wants to help you let go and heal so the trauma/events/issues no longer have power over you.  
Interestingly, what Dr. Hart has learned over the years is that sometimes people who have been abused or neglected don't believe they have the right to be happy or have a good life.  Or even the right to be loved.   Especially with people who have been abused or bullied, they take on the belief that they were somehow at fault for what happened to them.  Michael has worked with many, many people who have been assaulted and/or abused who think it was their fault!  Bringing that out into the light can free you from that and shed that falsehood.
For many of us, guilt and shame drive much of our behavior and keeps us in that place of feeling "stuck."  Getting you "unstuck" is frequently some of the core work with Michael. He understands how people can get in that place and knows how to get them out.
Dr. Hart has had the great privilege of getting trained by some of the top people in the world regarding various therapeutic modalities.  He may use a psychodynamic approach, family systems theory or perhaps a cognitive behavioral approach...or a blend of each depending on what is best for the client. He's active in the process of working with clients and feels part of being respectful is holding clients accountable for working hard in the healing process.  However, everyone has their own rhythm of healing and he will be respectful of yours. 
Michael has also embraced the tele-therapy model.  All sessions will take place on a secure videoconferencing platform.  Using this technology makes the therapy sessions much more convenient for the client.  There is no travel and you can do it from the privacy of your home if you wish.  Ultimately it ensures that you can get high quality therapy from a licensed psychologist no matter where you are.

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Michael charges $200 per hour.

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