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  • Founder & Director
  • 155 Water Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11201
  • Phone: 703-402-4515
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  • Session Fees: $120-$225
  • www.creativelyhealing.com
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Emery Hurst Mikel, MA, ATR-BC, LCAT, LCPAT

Founder and Director of Water & Stone, a Creative Arts Therapy PLLC

Current Therapists - Jenny, Ali, and Olivia
Current Intern - Erin


Emery has been an art therapist for over 10 years and integrates a holistic, transpersonal, strength-based approach into her work with clients. She started Water & Stone in 2015 so she could hire other therapists and expand a variety of services to reach more people in the NYC community.


Water & Stone

The company has several therapists (art, dance/movement, music) who see clients in the office. Many people who receive therapy from Water & Stone staff are dealing with anxiety or depression. Others are going through a transition in life or dealing with a situation at work or home in which they need support. Along with individual therapy some of us offer home visits and run groups at facilities for populations in day or residential programs.


No experience with any of the creative arts is necessary and clients often find that involving these creative ways of expressing oneself can lead to new insight, understanding, and a way to process something before there are words that fit for what is going on. A session turns into a safe place to express, process, and explore difficult emotions and topics. The art becomes a way to look at what is happening in life from a new perspective which in turn creates feelings of groundedness, hope, understanding, and ultimately healing.


Water & Stone services are offered throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan via home visits, programs in facilities, or individual and group work in the main Dumbo office.


Emery Background

Emery’s journey into art therapy was inspired by her mother (who found out there was such a pofession!) and her grandmother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Emery would bring art supplies when visiting the facility her grandmother was living in and was amazed at how others in the room were drawn to the supplies and creative expression. It didn’t matter if they had ever made art or how confused they were. People would just sit down and join in. It was inspiring!


Currently, Emery’s therapeutic work focuses on adults and seniors dealing with challenges in life from anxiety, grief, and loss to Alzheimer’s disease and related diagnoses. She works with individual’s, couples, and in groups. It’s her goal to bring in a holistic, strength-based focus to each session to best meet the person where they are in their life and support them as they continue on that journey.


Along with running her business Emery supervises interns, guest lectures at George Washington University & Nazareth College, and offers community workshops focused on art, meditation, mindfulness, and creative business development. She is an approved provider of continuing education classes through NY state (LCATs) and nationally through the NBCC. She received her BFA in Drama: Directing from Carnegie Mellon University and her MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology: Art Therapy from Naropa University.



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