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Welcome to Well Marriage Center!

Our Marriage-Friendly Approach
We understand it can be intimidating to consider couples counseling when your relationship runs into difficulty. Plenty of questions run through people’s minds: “Will this help?” “How long does it last?” “How much money will this cost us?” “What if the counselor doesn't think we can be helped?"

It takes a lot of courage to ask for help. Our commitment to you is to provide a “marriage-friendly” approach that supports the probability that you can save and improve your relationship. We want that for you and we believe you can make it happen! With over 100+ combined years of experience, we have sat with thousands of couples just like you, couples who have run into minor bumps or significant potholes, couples who wondered if their relationship could even be saved. The great news is this: countless couples have echoed almost the identical statement, “several months ago I never would have imagined our relationship could be this good again."

Well Marriage Center specializes in couples counseling. We study the latest research, we engage with the leaders in our field, and we work almost exclusively with relationships or relationship dynamics. Trust your relationship to a couple’s specialist!

Our Professional Therapists

Glen Denlinger is the Co-Founder and President of Well Marriage Center. He has served as the Director of the Couples Clinic with Finding Solutions Counseling Centers and was the Founding Executive Director and Lead Clinician with Charis Center for over 20 years. Glen specializes in relationship counseling and coaching and has achieved the highest level of credentialing as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Glen writes:
Couples counseling is my area of expertise and what I practice almost exclusively. As a therapist, I work with people’s strengths rather than emphasizing their weaknesses. For over 25 years I’ve helped thousands of couples change the trajectory of their relationship through a combination of counseling and coaching techniques designed to increase the positive aspects of your relationship. My approach is to get in there with you, be direct, and empower each of you to take responsibility for your own positive change instead of just demanding the other person change. We often laugh together in therapy because progress is worth celebrating and rediscovering the roots of your love for each other is fun. I believe most every couple can survive hard times and emerge with the strengthened capacity to grow and thrive…together.

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Dr. Shani Glaudé specializes in couples counseling and marital wellness.  Dr. Glaudé has her doctorate in Clinical Psychology along with 8+ years of experience helping couples heal their relationship and find long term success.  She utilizes a variety of clinical approaches to understand your unique relationship and specializes in working with communication issues, infidelity, and lack of intimacy in relationships. 

Dr. Glaudé writes:
I often tell couples, “pay attention to your strengths in order to improve your relationship.”  Positive Clinical Psychology allows us to solve problems and strengthen your relationship by focusing more on what you do well rather than emphasizing weakness.  Couples who work with me know me as an active counselor and cheerleader for your relationship.  While working with a couple I tend to highlight interactions, teach communication skills, and practice with the couple in identifying how they are succeeding in the midst of struggle.  Couples appreciate my sense of humor, respect for each person’s experience, honesty during the process, and deep concern for the well-being of the couple.  It has been a great joy to watch couple after couple reclaim the hope for their relationship!

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Mary Baker is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in relationship counseling and coaching.  Mary has personally trained with renowned family therapist Louise Guerney at the National Institute of Relationship Enhancement.  she is trained in Relationship Enhancement Therapy for families and couples as well as Parenting Skills Training.  With 10+ years of experience Mary bring a full toolbox specialized for couples and your relationship.
Mary writes:
What I tell couples all the time is this, “what may seem hopeless at the beginning is actually very changeable.”  I utilize a positive, values-driven approach to help couples create a relationship where both partners feel honored and respected.  I get in there with you.  I’m active with you.  Your relationship becomes a sacred space where it is safe for you to be complete and whole, as well as help each other continue to grow.  My 10+ years of experience have taught me couples appreciate my open and direct, warm and inviting style.  I know how to be gently directive when you need that from me.  My job is to empower both you and your relationship.  Perhaps my most important role is to hold the hope for your relationship until you are ready to reclaim it.  We often laugh together in therapy because rediscovering that hope and love is exhilarating.

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Dr. Steve Brown is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has specialized in couples counseling for over 25 years.  In fact, he was one of the first Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists in the state of Virginia.  He is both a clinical member and supervisor with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), indicating the highest level of achievement in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Dr. Brown writes:

For over 25 years I’ve been helping couples discover their own unique vision for what their “well marriage” can be.  My approach to couples work is strengths-based: we start with an emphasis on safe re-connection strategies and explore our way to deeper-bonding solutions.  We start where you are and from there do the crucial work for creating and securing a lifelong friendship and relationship.  My style is very active, yet safe, for providing you the support and structure for getting the most out of therapy.  I know people are hurting and wondering if they can ever find and experience what it really means to be in a secure relationship.  At Well Marriage Center we believe you can and I’d be honored to help you in that discovery. 

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